5 Tips to brighten smile

5 Tips To Help Brighten Up Your Beautiful Smile

5 Tips to brighten smileThere are many different ways to ensure that you smile stays white and bright. One of the most important things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to brush and floss daily. There are also several things that you can do to help brighten and whiten your smile.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can help to remove stains from your teeth. It will also help to whiten and brighten your teeth. You can use toothpaste with baking soda added to it, or you can make your own brightening paste. To make a brightening paste, mix a spoonful of baking soda with a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. Rub this mixture over your teeth with your finger and rinse. This mixture can damage the enamel if you use it too often, so don’t overuse it.

Eat Fruit

Fruits contain acids that help to neutralize stains on your teeth. To help keep your smile bright, end your meal with fruit or snack on fruit between meals. Apples, pears and strawberries are especially good to help brighten you smile. You can also use an orange peel to brighten your smile. Rub the orange peel over your teeth and it will help brighten your smile.

Use a Straw

Many juices and soda can stain your teeth. When you drink out of a cup or glass, the juice or soda passes over the teeth, where it can make your smile look dull. When you drink through a straw, the juice or soda does not pass over the teeth and will not stain them.

Chew Gum

Sugar free gum can help to increase the production of saliva in your mouth. This helps to wash away any food particles and helps to reduce stains. To keep teeth bright, chew sugar free gum after each meal or snack.

Use an Electric Toothbrush and Whitening Toothpaste

While manual toothbrushes keep your teeth clean, an electric toothbrush has more power and is better able to remove stains and keep your smile brighter. Choose toothpaste that contains added whitening ingredients. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day to keep your smile bright.


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