Spray Tan

4 Important Things to Do Before Getting a Spray Tan

Anti Aging Vitamin SpraySpray tan or sunless tanning is the process of spraying and applying chemicals on to the skin to produce the effect similar to suntan. Spray tan is thus an easy way to get the appearance of suntan sans baking the body under the harmful rays of the sun. Given the merits, it’s not a very tedious task either but a lot of preparation goes into preparing for spray tan – as what you do and how you prepare your body before going in for a spray tan can make the difference between a good and a bad spray tan.

Every spray tan user in Melbourne knows the convenience and ease of sunless tanning but there are very few amid them who know that the reality of how effective the spray tanning can be in Melbourne rests on how they prepare before getting it down.

For the benefit of the later, we will enumerate here important things to do before getting a spray tan in Melbourne:

1. Shave and wax the body day before spray tan

The person willing to spray tan his body should also sure he/she shave/waxes the body a day before going in for spray tans, since it is important that pores close properly after hair removal and before spray tanning.

2. Take a Shower and exfoliate

Spray TanOn the day of spray tan it is important that you take a shower and exfoliate. Your skin has a layer of dead skin cell on top, as skin cell are affected by the spray tan, it is important to exfoliate and remove the dead cell for a long lasting spray tan effect. The lesser the dead skins on the body, the longer the spray tan will last on the body. The person should make sure that he/she avoids exfoliating products that contain oil, because the oily skin doesn’t get the desired effect of spray tanning.  

3. Do not apply moisturizers, deodorants or wear makeup

It is advised that you do not apply anything like a lotion, moisturizer, deodorant, perfume and/or wear any kind of makeup before going to the salon for spray tanning. These things are said to have a tendency of blocking the spray tan from reaching the skin, which means lighter tanning. Some deodorants and perfumes can also cause a reaction with spray tan.

4. Do not wear whites and tights

Yes, you will wipe of the extra spray tanning solution from the body, or dry it in front of the mirror. But there are chances that the spray paint will still be wet – it takes about an hour for the spray paint to dry off completely. It is therefore advised that you carry lose clothes and foot ware to the spray tanning session, so that you don’t end up rubbing of the spray tan at anytime during its drying process. It is also the same reason that you should avoid wearing new clothes or white clothes before the spray tan session, because the solution could wipe against your white and leave a lasting stain.


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