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5 Tips to Look Slimmer with the Right Accessories!

When it comes to looking our best, there are lots of tips and tricks we can employ fashion-wise to create illusions, draw attention away from our problem areas and accentuate our strong points. Creating a slimmer appearance is usually at or near the top of the list for most women when it comes to our fashion choices; hence the ubiquitous question: ‘’Does this make me look fat?’’ Not only do accessories spruce up our look, they can create the illusion of a trimmer you when done right.

Right Accessories

1. Matching Shoes and Hosiery

Matching your shoes and hosiery creates a nice clean line that will give the appearance of thinner legs. Throw in a skirt of the same color and you will extend your thinness up through your waist. When wearing dark shoes and skirts, stay away from light-colored hosiery.

2. Shoe Tips

When it comes to creating a more svelte appearance, the type of shoes you wear can make all the difference. Heels definitely help by making your legs look thinner, but they are best used for special occasions where you will not be wearing them for too long a period—they alter weight distribution and can cause problems like low back pain. Pointy shoes give the appearance of a longer leg. Open-toe shoes and high-heel sandals will make thighs and calves appear slimmer as will sling-backs and backless shoes.  Stay away from shoes with ankle straps, they make the legs look shorter, which can give a squat appearance as can chunky shoes.

3. Choosing the Right Belt

Belts can help you look trimmer by accentuating the narrowest part of your waist, but you need to choose the right kinds. Opt for wide, dark belts with large buckles. Small buckles give the appearance that the belt is about to bust.

4. Jewelry

Your jewelry can also be an ally in your quest for a trimmer appearance. Long necklaces will make your upper body appear longer and leaner. If you have a double chin or a chubby face, drop earrings are a good choice because they give a less round appearance. Thick bangle bracelets or a men’s watch will hide thick wrists. Certain pieces will not necessarily make you look slimmer but they can draw attention away from your body; a big brooch or some big, colorful earrings can draw attention upwards towards your face.

5. Scarves

Scarves are another great option. If you are tall, pick a long, skinny scarf to emphasize your height; if you are short, a skinny scarf can help but make sure it does not go past your hips. If you are trying to minimize your bust, a wide, chunky scarf is a good bet since eyes will be drawn to it rather than your bust.


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