Vegas Weekend

10 Tips: Get your Best look on for that Vegas Weekend!

Las Vegas, the heart of Nevada, throbs with a beat that you are forced to jiggle to. Before you realize it, you are caught in its cobweb of gambling, dining, and glamorous dressing. This leaves you little time to trouble yourself about the thing that truly matters: fashion. But pay some heed to it, because you wouldn’t want the revelry to be ruined.

Dressing For A Casino

Here are some tips that would come in handy when you are dressing for a casino:

  1. Whether you are reveling in the most fashionable casino on the Strip (the Wynn or Bellagio) or the local down-town hole, the touchstone is to wear what you are most comfortable in.
  2. Give your clothes for the night a bit more thought. Most of the nightclubs and elegant restaurants insist on a specific dress code. The clubs are finicky when it comes to shoes. If you make the mistake of wearing sneakers or a shoe with white soles, your admission could be a bit of a question.
  3. Don’t join the pack of pretenders, dress sensibly and in keeping with your personal style.
  4. You might notice some tourists going to varying lengths to pretend to local folk. Several urban cowboys and Elvis’s parade the streets. It needs little sense to realize how bad that looks.
  5. Don’t let your style be determined by what’s in your suitcase. Look around. You may end up realizing that what you brought with you is severely unsuited to be worn. The styles in Las Vegas are far bolder and flashier than in the Mid-West or Back East. This applies especially to ladies’ party-wear and swimwear.
  6. Decide first if want to make a statement or blend in with the rest. Whatever you choose to do, have a quick round of shopping before you pick your dress for the evening.
  7. Make sure your dress is suited to the event and place. Dressing for a casino is way different from dressing for a patio around the pool. There was a time when casinos meant fedoras and ties for men and a flashy sequin embellished outfit for women, but now just about anything is acceptable as long as it isn’t outlandish.
  8. Still, it is not a rare sight to see players at a casino dressed to the nines in formal eveningwear. But you are sometimes allowed to wear T-shirts, tank tops and flip-flops. It all depends upon the type of casino you are going to. Try not to dress down too much as it might make you feel out of place.
  9. A rule that’s worth remembering is to dress as you would if you were taking a short flight to some place. Choose comfortable clothing bearing in mind that you would be sharing space with other casino visitors who don’t give you much elbow room.
  10. Most casinos are comfortably air-conditioned but there could be occasions when you might find the temperature really low. It would do well to take a sweater with you or wiser still, choose a layered dress that is easy to subtract and add as you feel like, without much hassle.

You are guaranteed good service and compliments if you exercise some fashion caution!


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