Bags Made Out Of Candy Wrappers

5 Of The Most Unusual Bags Ever

Ladies, it is summertime once again. (Yippee!) What better way to celebrate this gorgeous weather than to get yourself a lovely summery bag. Well, you could just go for your typical tote or leather bag but why don’t you try and be a little outrageous and go something more original. What is original you may ask, well if you take a look at these 5 most unusual bags you will be able to come up with your very own conclusion!

Bags Made From Seat Belts

Bags Made From Seat BeltsBelt up bags are created entirely from recycled seat belts. These bags are very durable and will last you a lifetime. You can use them for all sorts of things such as carrying your laptop or your babys belongings. When you think of old seat belts you may be imagining old worn out belts, when in fact these bags are far from tatty. Seatbelt bags look brand new and are available in a variety of colours so you won’t look as if you are carrying around a piece of junk material. You will be astonished at how nice these bags actually look!

Skull Bag

Skull BagBelgian designer Natalia Brilli created these unique designs that are in the shape of a human skull. Brilli’s taste steers towards more of the gothic scene so be prepared to find these purses in darker colours such as black, purple and grey. If you like the darker side of life than these will certainly be a great way to stash away all of your little nick necks that get in the way. You can also freak your friends out.

Keyboard Bag

Keyboard BagBasically, this bag is exactly what it says it is! It is a bag made of of keyboard keys. (Bit of a tongue twister) If you want to be stopped in the street and asked ‘where did you get that’ then you should try this bag out. If you want to be left alone then stick to your original leather handbags. This bag is also available in white!

Bag Made Out Of Zippers

Bag Made Out Of ZippersIf you are looking for a unique handbag well then you have found it. The zip it bag starts out as a long flat zipper, and you can zip it up until eventually it transforms into your very own bag. You can get different sized bags ranging from clutch bags too big tote bags.There are a range of colours and styles to choose from so you are sure to find one that will suit your personality.

Bags Made Out Of Candy Wrappers

Bags Made Out Of Candy WrappersRather than throw out your old sweet wrappers why not use them for something as useful as making a handbag. You would of course need to invest a lot of time and of course you would need to master the weaving technique. If you have the patients of a saint then this is something you should certainly look into doing. Perhaps you could turn it into a hobby? Go and have fun with it!


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