5 Ways To Store Your Perfume

5 Ways To Store Your Perfume, So It Lasts Longer

Wearing perfume can make you feel special on those memorable occasions – or it can be just the perfect accessory to complete your outfit every day. No matter how often we wear our favourite scent, we all want to make sure that we get the very best out of these fragrances.

Have you been storing your perfume wrong, though? If you have, you could be reducing the shelf life of that luxurious accessory. Make sure you follow these crucial steps to ensure your fragrance lasts longer.

Keep bottles away from heat

Try to make sure that your perfume bottles are all kept away from the heat. Exposing them to excessive heat can mean you’ll lose your scents. If you wish, you could even begin to store your perfume either in the refrigerator or the freezer.

Store them behind your clothes

Direct sunlight can also let your perfume lose its fragrance. To avoid this happening with your scents, then you should make sure you don’t place your bottles in areas where they’ll get exposed to maximum sunrays and light – so it might be best for you to put these behind your clothes.

Select opaque or frosted bottles

You shouldn’t put your perfumes on either a dresser or an open shelf. Instead, you could put your fragrances in either opaque or frosted bottles. This means that you can stop your scent from being exposed to too much light.

You can see what type of bottle you’ll get with your fragrance when selecting items for a women’s perfume subscription box, for instance. You then have the opportunity to pick different perfumes each month.

Prevent evaporation

Fragrance can evaporate out of the small opening in perfume bottles. Even those spray bottles should have a cap that stops the fragrance from vaporizing out of the tiny hole in the top: that perfume should belong on your body, rather than around in the air. Remember that, every time you take off the cap on your perfume, some evaporation and oxidation will take place – so keep that perfume top on as much as you can.

Minimize oxygen exposure

Think of a sliced apple: just as oxygen gradually discolours it, so does it destroy the fragrance and reduce the longevity of the perfume. You should always ensure that your bottle cap is secured tightly when you’re not putting on your scent and, if it goes missing, then you must either find a similar substitute or use plastic cling wrap to cover up any openings. Do keep in mind when shopping for perfumes that spray bottles are preferred than splash bottles or roll-ons; this will reduce the scent’s exposure to any air.

While these are only five ways to help you ensure your perfume is stored correctly, each of them will be beneficial to you separately. If you use two or more of these tips, then you may find that your fragrances last longer than they could have done if you hadn’t been doing these previously.


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