Stevie Nicks Wedding Song

6 Best Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Wedding Songs

Stevie Nicks can now add wedding officiator to her resume.
Stevie Nicks Wedding SongOn Dec. 28, the legendary Fleetwood Mac singer presided over the nuptials of “A Thousand Miles” singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton and indie folk-rocker John McCauley.
Vanessa Carlton Wedding SongCarlton flaunted the Phoenix, Arizona ceremony shortly afterwards on Twitter, with the caption: “Thanks Stevie for marrying us!”

Who Knew?

Well, true blue Fleetwood Mac fans know. The band is renowned as much for their discography as the fiery relationships of band members Mick Fleetwood; John McVie and ex-wife Christine McVie; and soulmates Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. If anyone should sing about love, leave it to Fleetwood Mac:


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes danced to this song at their wedding so that should give you an idea of this song’s appeal. Only listen to the chorus: “And the songbirds are singing / Like they know the score / And I love you, I love you, I love you / Like never before.” Written by Christine, “Songbird” stands the test time. The youngsters might even join you on the dance floor—if only because Glee covered this song.

As Long as You Follow

This is another obvious addition to your wedding soundtrack straight out of the Mac catalogue. Part of the band’s 1988 greatest hits disc, “As Long as You Follow” may leave you in a love-struck swoon.


Everybody gets an earful of the ebbs and flows of Fleetwood Mac’s internal relationships by just listening to their songs. Stevie Nicks is the kind of person who wears heart on sleeve, resulting in some very confessional songs, both with Fleetwood Mac and in her solo career. In “Crystal,” Nicks compared her ardour for Buckingham, who sings the song, to the sea. Their love is, literally and figuratively, deep.


Although the band has shifted millions of copies with their albums, “Dreams” is notable for being the band’s only US number one single. The song, off their Grammy-winning masterpiece Rumours, has been covered many times. Stevie famously wrote “Dreams” in ten minutes.

Edge of Seventeen

This single, taken from Stevie Nicks’ solo effort Bella Donna, is immediately recognisable today, if only because Destiny’s Child sampled the song’s trademark guitar riff in their song “Bootylicious.” Beyoncé et al. truly knew what they were getting into: A few chords into “Seventeen” and you would be up from your seat, shaking your rump.

You Make Loving Fun

In this Rumours cut, McVie dishes on the sexy time she had with Curry Grant, who worked as a lighting director for the band. A honeymoon scorcher, if nothing else…

Shawl Twirl

Unless you have millions of dollars to your name, you may not get Fleetwood Mac to sing at your wedding. You may not get Stevie to officiate it either. Nowadays she is busy with guest stints on American Horror Story—in which she plays up real-life rumours of being a closet sorceress—and  gearing up for a reunion tour with Christine.

A talented wedding band is your next best option. The rationale is simple: You would want somebody to sing “Dreams” professionally and not your off-key uncle, would you? Communicate your favourite Mac songs to the band and have them sing the songs on cue.

Fleetwood Mac’s music should go especially well with weddings themed along the 1970s. In fact, if you know the band like the back of your hand, you would know that there is a Fleetwood Mac song for every part of the program, from the wedding entrance to the last reception dance. You might want to brush up on your best Stevie shawl-twirl during the bouquet toss.


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