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6 Superfoods for Beautiful Skin & Hair

There is nothing that would be worth more of a concern for women than their skin and hair. A 2008 study revealed that Americans spent about $7 billion annually for beauty products and skin care. The average American woman is spending roughly $100 per month on beauty products and related cosmetics. But, the truth is that simple cleaning procedures, healthy diet and exercise can easily help maintain beauty for the skin and hair. About 35 percent of women spend two or more beauty products a day based on a YouGov poll of 1,000 American adults. This is the reason why it is expensive to be a woman. Don’t fret though. You can eat your way towards having fairer skin and lustrous hair with these superfoods that we’re about to introduce to you.

1. Aronia Berries

Aronia BerriesAronia berries are rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are nature’s fountain of youth. It is the single biggest reason why some people refuse to look old despite their age. The secret of anti-oxidants is in the ability to prevent free radicals from ravaging the cells in the body. Free radicals are chemicals that caused oxidative stress. The skin loses its elastin and collagen. The elastin and collagen makes the skin tight and elastic at the same time resistant to the wrinkles and fine lines. Aronia berries, as a bonus can also help insulate the body from inflammation caused by too much anxiety and stress.

2. Salmon

SalmonSalmon or any fatty fish is good for the skin. Wait, are we talking about fats? Certainly we do. Don’t worry salmon, tuna and mackerel possess what we call good fats. Omega 3 fatty acids help to significantly reduce the inflammation in the body which can improve the immune system. The fatty acids make up about three percent of the hair shaft, which is partly responsible for the shiny luster of hair. Omega 3 is also needed in the cell membranes of the scalp. The natural oils help prevent the occurrence of dandruff and keep the hair hydrated for longer periods of time.

3. Walnuts

WalnutsWalnuts are good for the body, as long as you don’t overeat. Other than that you’re good to go. Walnuts also have plenty of biotin and vitamin E which helps protect the cells from DNA damage. The hair can get plenty of benefits since it is the most exposed part of the body to the sun. Studies show that lack of biotin may lead to hair loss. It is a scary proposition. Another thing going for walnuts is the presence of the mineral copper which helps maintain the natural color of the hair vibrant and lustrous. Walnut oil is not fattening and can be a great salad dressing.

4. Bell peppers

Bell peppersBell peppers are multicolored just like gummy bears. But, bell peppers are mild-mannered vitamin C powerhouses. These spicy veggies are filled with vitamin C that can help produce more collagen for the skin. Vitamin C can help lower the chances of getting split ends.

5. Oysters

OystersOysters are rich in zinc, which can help prevent hair loss. A three-ounce serving is enough for a good 493 percent of the daily value for zinc. Oysters also have a good amount of protein. Hair is about 97 percent keratin protein, which makes sense to get a boatload.

6. Spinach

SpinachSpinach is the superfood of choice by a certain sailor. And, why not? Spinach is loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals that can help the hair and skin. Spinach is a good source of vitamins B, C and E which are great in helping to produce more collagen and counter the effects of free radicals. If you smoke, try to quit as soon as possible and while you’re at it try to eat as much fiber from vegetables to help flush out the toxins. This way, the toxins will not be able to manifest on the skin and hair.

It is insane to throw away your hard earned money to beauty products. Other than the necessities, the key to beauty is prevention and proper nutrition. It is best not to get exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Keep yourself away from polluted areas. Exercising regularly and quitting tobacco are your best bets in maintaining beautiful hair and skin. Nothing can beat the natural way of maintaining beauty and it is cheaper that way too.


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