Makeup Round Face Women

8 Makeup Tips for Round-Faced Women

Makeup Round Face WomenA round face has the same width and length and looks circular. The jaw line does not have sharp contours and the face is widest at the cheekbones. The chin is rounded without hard angles and the ears, cheekbones, and nose are usually flat. The forehead is round and widest at the hairline. In such faces, the forehead and the jawline have almost the same width.

Makeup for such symmetrical faces is focused on reducing the roundness and making the face appear angular and slimmer.

Here are some ways in which round faces can be made to appear sharper:

1. Using Darker Shades Of Foundation

Shading or contouring the temple, the cheekbones, and the jaws can give an illusion of length to the face. This can be achieved by using a contouring product that is a few shades darker than one’s skin tone or a foundation that is darker than what one regularly uses. The product should be lightly used along the jawline, the cheekbones, and the nose. This tends to make the face look more oval. Too much product can make one look burnt, so care should be taken when applying it.

2. Highlighting The Cheekbones

A highlighting blush can be used above the cheekbone instead of applying it to the apples of the cheeks. This makes the cheekbones look high and elongates the face. Peach and pink shades are suitable for this trick because they appear natural. Applying blush to the apples of the cheeks makes round faces look rounder.

3. Defining The Eye Brows

The eyebrows can be lengthened using an eyebrow pencil to give the eyes an angular shape. Thin and pinched eyebrows that draw more attention to the round shape of the face should be avoided. The natural thickness of the eyebrows should be maintained. However, one should refrain from making the eyebrows too angular because it gives one an unnatural look of surprise.

4. Emphasizing The Eyes

In order to attract attention to the corners of the eyes, two different shades of eye shadow can be used-a lighter shade near the lash line and a darker shade above the crease of the eye. This makes the eye line look longer in an outward direction. Shades of brown and deep blue are best used to achieve this effect.

5. Defining The Eyes

Eyeliner can also be used to define and highlight the eyes and make them appear narrower. The eyeliner should be smudged a little close to the lash line. This will help achieve the intended effect more than a thin, straight line. Darker shades such as black and blue are more effective than others.

6. Contouring With A Bronzer

A bronzing product can be applied under the cheekbones to make them look higher. It can also be applied parallel to the jaw line. Using it under the chin also gives the same heightening effect. However, one should be careful to blend the product carefully so that there are no visible lines.

7. Accentuating The Lips

Shades of plum and berry can make the lips pop, thus reducing the focus on the roundness of the face. For women with lighter complexions, shades of peach and pink are ideal. Products like lip-gloss or shiny and creamy lipsticks work better than matte ones.

A small amount of highlighting product can be added to the top and the bottom of the lips to accentuate their shape.

8. Lengthening The Nose

Applying bronzer or a highlighting product on the sides of the nose in downward strokes starting from the bridge makes the face look thinner. A little spot of product on top of the nose can also reduce the flat and round look of the face.

Makeup tricks can be used to hide the flaws of every type of face. Round faces tend to look flat and “fat.” However, round faces are also the most youthful of all faces. Precise and clever use of makeup can accentuate the better features of one’s face such as the eyes, lips, and nose. The idea is to draw attention away from the flatness of the face and create an impression of height and angles. Just the right amount of product and the appropriate strokes of an angled brush can work wonders!


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