Tips To Design Wedding Cards

6 Creative Tips To Design Wedding Cards

A wedding is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and probably the craziest time of a person’s life. There are so many things to do once you fix the date when you and your partner for life will walk down the aisle. From picking a venue to deciding on decoration and finding the right catering, all require tons of time, planning, and a lot of looking around.

One of the most important elements of your wedding is your invitation card. It provides a sneak peek into the big day of your life. Finding and making the perfect wedding invitation card is quite difficult. There are tons of designs in the market, with intricate details, or flowering techniques, and so on. People spend so much money on them with some using plants or big boxes of card which has tons of things in it.

With so many options, it can be difficult to find a card that you like. But if you don’t focus too much only on the design, and other important aspects of the card too, it can help design the best card for your wedding. To start, use an online tool like Canva to design wedding cards, it has tons of templates and can make your job a bit easier.

Here are some creative tips for your wedding invitation card.

1. The Font Matters

The font of a wedding invitation card is important because it can make the difference between a good card and a bad one. After the design of the card, the font is the one thing that will appeal to your guests the most.

Thus, make sure you use visible fonts, and yet appeals to people. Don’t use novelty fonts, go for something that is timeless and can work for ages. It doesn’t mean that you cannot look around at tons of font, but make sure you choose the one that goes with the theme and is classic as well.

Also, the size of the font matters too. Too big will look like you are screaming at the guests, too small will make people squint. So, finding the perfect balance is important.

2. Color Scheme

While deciding on the wedding invitation’s theme, keep in mind the color scheme of your venue and functions. If your venue’s decoration has a gold and red color scheme, you cannot opt for a wedding invite that is blue and turquoise.

It won’t go with anything. So, the theme of the card should be in line with the color scheme of your wedding decoration or contrast. Don’t go with something totally out of context.

3. Card Style Equals To Your Style

There are tons of wedding invitation card style out in the market. There is the classic style, traditional, modern, contemporary, vintage, and so on. Now, choosing the style depends on your choice, wedding theme, décor of the venue, and the venue itself.

Remember that whatever you choose, there would be people who would like it, and some who won’t. So, don’t worry about them. If you like the style and it shows your personality as well, go for it.

4. Don’t Clutter Your Card with Too Much Information

You don’t want people to look at the card and don’t understand a thing. It can happen when you put too many things on the card that it doesn’t require. From designs to little shapes, and including too many details can take the focus off from the most important things.

Ask your designer to help you out, and put only the things or information that are necessary. Include details that will help people reach the venue and the functions on time with ease.

5. Proofread The Card

We spend so much time on the design of the card, that we sometimes forget to proofread it. It is important to do that because you don’t misspell the name of your partner or a relative or even the venue.

All this can make the card an embarrassment for you, especially if people keep pointing it out.

6. Design The Envelope Too

Don’t stop with the card, if you are getting creative with it, be creative with your envelope too. Have some design or add a ribbon to it, to make it more appealing for your guests.

Invitation cards are a remembrance of a beautiful day. Make it appealing and be creative, but don’t spend too much on it. There are other important things like starting your life together which require more money than your card.


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