How To Perfect Boho Wedding Vibes?

How To Perfect Boho Wedding Vibes?

Their wedding is a significant and special event in every married woman’s life. Every bride and groom wants to have that perfect day that they’ve dreamed of. In turn, weddings call for a lot of planning and great attention to detail.

If you’ve already started planning, then perhaps you’ve chosen a theme for your wedding. If you’re still contemplating the look and feel of your wedding, consider a bohemian theme if you like things breezy, free-spirited and a bit whimsical.

Boho-themed weddings are immensely popular among modern brides because they can be both gorgeous and budget-friendly thanks to their laid-back style. If you want to give a boho touch to everything from your wedding dress to the venue decor, consider the following tips:

1. Build an Organized Pinterest Board

Start by building your Pinterest organizer board so that your vendors and other helpers know what style you’re looking for. You can start your research well ahead of time and keep adding to the Pinterest board whenever something catches your attention.

From the linens to the party favors to the floral centerpieces, every detail is a chance to bring personality to your wedding day. With a Pinterest board, you can convey the aesthetic you want for your wedding to anyone helping out with planning. Your Pinterest feed will also offer endless inspiration as you build your board.

2. Stick to a Natural Venue

How To Perfect Boho Wedding Vibes?

For a boho-theme wedding, an outdoor venue works best. Match it up with earthy shades of decors. Whether you choose an open ground or a garden full of greeneries, you can do the rest of the décor in sync with the natural venue.

While there are lots of earthy hues around in the ground, a starry night and a crescent moon add to the boho style. Translate the celestial vibes in your boho-themed wedding with hues of indigo and blue along with Milky Way patterns and crescent-shaped adornments. Nothing could be more romantic than this!

3. Find the Boho Dress of Your Dreams

boho wedding dress

It’s fine to choose an outdoor venue or add décor to a boho theme, but what sets the tone right is the wedding dress of the bride. If you want it to be in a boho way, the wedding dress should be lacy, flowy, off-white and bell-sleeved. Many wedding dress stores sell boho dresses in various styles and fits.

4. Ensure the Invitations Match the Scene

boho wedding invitations

If you’re going for a boho wedding, pay attention to every detail so that it syncs well with the overall boho theme. This includes the wedding invitations too. A boho wedding invitation may consist of wreaths, flowers, feathers and anything rustic. Keep the color tone neutral; white, peach and lavender all work great.

5. Incorporate Mother Nature

boho wedding bouquet

Embrace mother nature and incorporate anything natural. Flowers are magnificent adornments to include in a boho wedding. Bouquets are beautiful but very traditional.

How about having some hanging garlands or a bit of vine just above the dance floor?

Go for flowers that are tied to twines to add a romantic vibe to the aisle. Let the florals be loose and whimsical instead of arranging them in patterns. Do not restrict your imagination only to flowers.

How about hanging some succulents all over the venue with a wooden backdrop?

Or, you may want to add fringed backdrops decorated with garlands. Remember, boho means everything natural.

6. Set the Decor with a Vintage Feel

boho wedding Vintage venue

The vintage feel is what you should depict with a boho-themed décor for a wedding venue. Do up space with hanging lanterns and rustic decorative pieces in earthy hues. The best thing about the boho theme is you can go creative without any restrictions. Just remember to keep the color tone earthy and natural. For an outdoor venue, white curtains tied loose with a fringe of greeneries add the perfect touch to your boho theme. Remember not to include anything jazzy, shiny or neon when doing boho décor.

The best thing about a boho theme is they are perfectly imperfect. So, you can get as creative as you want, ensuring the overall color hues are warm and romantic. Go ahead and create a picnic-style dinner for the guests or a lounge with some quirky cushions thrown randomly for the guests to sit and relax. Your choices are endless.


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