Lucky four-leaf clover bracelet for her

5 Jewelry Trends of 2020

The jewelry trend in 2020 caused a sensation at the outset. Intricate designs and shapes made of materials with higher durability and resistance can be worn and maintained for a long time. If we specialize in jewelry trends in 2020, then you absolutely must know that there are many varieties in this range. Judging from the silver and gold materials in pearl earrings, pendant necklaces, fine bracelets, and tungsten rings, there is too much to be used in these trends. We can identify some good jewelry missing from your jewelry box this season.

What Jewelry Trends Should You Be Following Right Now?

In general, everyone wants to wear jewelry that goes with everyday clothes or office clothes, because it adds appearance and confidence. In addition, you may want your jewelry to fit your size without worrying about the jewelry being damaged or misplaced. Because this is related to recent jewelry trends in 2020, there are not only rings but also necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, which come in a variety of shapes and colors to choose from. You can choose to have your name or initials on it, or even give your best friend a gift with their name on it. Also, there is a chance to choose from white, silver, rose gold and black, and high-quality jewelry will ensure that you will not find any scratches on your own items. So this is indeed an important reason, and we encourage you to provide the look of the 2020 jewelry trend.

5 Jewelry Trends As of Now

1. Tungsten Rose Gold Wedding Band

Tungsten rose gold wedding bandThe first on our list is this stunning pure rose gold tungsten ring for the lady. The unique matte surface and smooth edges add a lot of elegance and beauty to it. What makes this elegant wedding ring special is that you can engrave the first name or initials on the inner dome of the ring to remind yourself of the special reason for wearing this ring on your finger.

2. Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Sterling silver pendant necklaceThe next one is this beautiful and delicate sterling silver pendant necklace that has a citrine gemstone in the center. The most attractive thing about this pendant is the number of diamonds used in this jewelry item that makes the entire piece sparkle and noticeable from a distance. We surely recommend you to add one of these into your jewelry collection.

3. Lucky Four-leaf Clover Bracelet for Her

Lucky four-leaf clover bracelet for herThe third one in the 2020 jewelry trends this beautiful sterling silver four-leaf clover bracelet that has stolen our heart for good. It has a beautiful design with a scratch-resistant body and color retention. The loveliest part about this bracelet is the delicate leaf-like shapes and 2 diamond stones in the front that make it look so elegant, yet simple.

4. Matte Brushed Black Tungsten Wedding Band

Matte brushed black tungsten wedding bandOf all the jewelry trends of 2020, the most popular is this black dome-shaped tungsten ring, which has gained popularity due to its excellent frosted brushed and beveled edges giving it a sleek appearance. If you want, you can buy the same pair with your own man, because it is perfect for both men and women, so why not buy a matching ring? The most interesting thing about black tungsten rings is that they stand out in the distance and a new trend, which can inspire your close friends to wear black tungsten rings many times with their casual or formal wear.

5. Real Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver

Real pearl earrings in sterling silverWe live in a trendy modern, who doesn’t want to wear modern and popular things to compare elegantly? These stunning sterling silver real pearl earrings have been a hot trend of the 2020 jewelry trend, and many celebrities have chosen to wear similar earrings on multiple red carpets at the 2019 awards ceremony.

Final Thought

So, with the development of jewelry trends in 2020, we have some suggestions to decide which jewelry problem you need to add to your jewelry box: If you are looking for elegant but simple jewelry, choose the one that matches your clothes Jewelry, such as bracelets; if you are looking for casual jewelry, simple rings are the best choice; if you want to wear elegant jewelry for formal occasions (such as weddings, dinners, etc.), choose diamond pendants or pearl earrings.


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