Wedding Party Snack

6 Reasons This Party Snack Will Make You Host of the Year!

When you’re responsible for planning an event, it can be challenging, especially if you’re a bona fide people pleaser.  When it comes to the venue, the date, the guest list, the refreshments and the party snacks… everyone, from your great Aunty who is flying in from Scottsdale to your cousin taking the redeye from New York, has needs and, of course, an opinion.

As a gracious host, hoping to plan the talked-about event of the year, finding that balance between originality and guest satisfaction can be challenging.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “simplicity is perfection;” quite often the answers to our dilemmas are right under our noses and just haven’t popped into our heads yet.  A great party snack solution is popcorn, not just any popcorn, but handcrafted gourmet popcorn.  Everyone from Phoenix to Chicago enjoys popcorn and when you add an elegant and fun twist to this familiar comfort food, you instantly have something everyone can agree on.

Here are 6 fantastic reasons why everyone at your party will love gourmet popcorn for a party snacks and how you can integrate it into your perfect party.

1.  Can’t Beat the Variety

Gourmet popcorn is not like the popcorn you are used to and it is not like movie theater popcorn either.  The “gourmet” part is taken very seriously by some companies.  When it is done right, it is hand-crafted in small batches with quality ingredients.  It comes in flavors that will blow your mind and your taste buds like: Birthday Cake, Heath Bar, Beer Cheddar, Cherry and many more.

2.  It Is Very Versatile

What kind of party are you throwing?  Gourmet popcorn works for every kind of event.  It is fun enough to have at children’s birthday parties and classy enough to serve at formal events.  Are you having a corporate meeting and need a snack?  Is your company holding a conference?  Are you throwing a baby shower for your friend?  Is your team going to the Super Bowl?  Gourmet popcorn fits perfectly into whatever special event is occurring in your life.

3.  It Won’t Cost You a Pretty Penny

When you have a lot of people to feed, it can get expensive.  Gourmet popcorn fits into any party budget and is a great appetizer and all-party-long snack.  Some popcorn companies have party bags you can order and have them ship directly to your party.  Having the snack for your party arrive at your doorstep is amazing and one less thing for you to have to worry about.

4.  Gourmet popcorn is trendy

Not only is it trendy, it is also traditional and timeless.  The grandparents and the children will love it.  Gourmet popcorn is the snack that knows how to breach generational gaps.  Time Magazine, in their article A Snack Trend With Pop: Gourmet Popcorn Takes Over said this about this tasty party snack, “the hottest snack food of 2013 is gourmet popcorn.”

5.  It Compliments Your Theme

Gourmet popcorn is extremely colorful as well as tasty.  Every party has a theme with colors to go along with it, right?  One of the fun things about gourmet popcorn is now your party snack can tie in your party theme.  Decorations never tasted so good!

6. It’s portable

Gourmet popcorn is a great snack for parties where guests are on the move, like a BBQ or a birthday party. You can serve it in portable containers like paper cups – no dishes or cleanup required.  Especially in areas that have good weather for most of the year like Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Diego or Florida, parties usually are fluid moving from inside to outside to back inside again.  Gourmet popcorn is good at going with the flow.

Gourmet popcorn also makes a great parting gift or party favor.  After you have received many compliments from your guests for your snazzy and hip snack, surprise them with a bag of their own to take home.  This works great at corporate parties as well as bridal showers and wedding receptions.

Check around for a company that makes gourmet popcorn for your next party.  Look for one that uses quality ingredients and makes the popcorn in small batches by hand and make sure they can ship your snack to you.  Then you will be sure to have a party snack that is classy, fun and delicious.  Gourmet popcorn helps you satisfy and impress everyone.  And you never know, gourmet popcorn could make not only your party a hit, but it could make you the host of the year.


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