Buying a Tungsten Bracelet

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Tungsten Bracelet

Buying a Tungsten BraceletWhen it comes to men’s bracelets, the variety of materials to choose from seems almost endless. If you have more traditional tastes, you could be tempted by a silver or gold piece. If you’re looking for something really special, you might consider platinum. However, if you’re looking for jewelry that will last for years and cost a fraction of what you would pay for one made of precious metal, there are just two words to remember: tungsten bracelets! There are several advantages to tungsten:

1. It’s Strong

Tungsten carbide, which is actually made from the metal tungsten and carbon, is remarkably durable. In fact, tungsten is one of the hardest of all manmade materials. This makes it a great choice for men’s jewelry in particular, which can be exposed to some pretty rugged wear. If you’re a man who’s planning on wearing your jewelry every day, there are several styles of tungsten bracelets from which to choose. One design that would be appropriate no matter what the occasion is a bracelet with a black carbon striped ID plate.

2. It Comes In a Variety of Colors

The natural shade of tungsten is gunmetal grey, but there are many other colors of tungsten bracelets available. If you like a silvery hue, “white” tungsten may be the perfect choice. You’ll also find some attractive pieces with a gold plating or gold tone PVD coating. For a sleek, truly masculine look, try out a bracelet with a polished black finish. Once you browse through the selection available, it’s easy to see why black tungsten is such a popular choice in men’s jewelry.

3. It Stands The Test of Time

Many other materials will show their age after a certain number of years. However, tungsten carbide holds up remarkably well. In fact, tungsten bracelets won’t tarnish, look dull or fade like some other metals. This means that a bracelet you buy today will likely look very much the same many years from now.

4. It’s Scratch-Resistant

This is an especially attractive characteristic of tungsten. Other metals, such as gold and silver, are relatively malleable. This means that they will scratch fairly easily, which can be a real disadvantage for a man who wants to wear a piece of jewelry day after day. Tungsten, on the other hand, is surprisingly resistant to scratching.

5. It Comes in a Wide Selection of Styles

No matter what your taste in jewelry may be – from traditional to retro to contemporary – you’re sure to find the right choice amid the huge variety of tungsten bracelets available. If your tastes tend toward jewelry with a slight edginess, consider a bracelet with 3-sided links. This is one style that definitely stands out in a crowd.

6. It’s Inexpensive

Tungsten bracelets are not only strong, attractive and scratch-resistant, they’re also very affordable. This makes tungsten a great choice to either give as a gift or to simply buy for yourself. Other materials, particularly precious metals, can cost a small fortune. However, tungsten bracelets are inexpensive enough to easily fit within most budgets.

Obviously, tungsten carbide offers several benefits to jewelry wearers. However, nothing is perfect, including tungsten. This contemporary material is relatively heavy and feels much more like you’re wearing jewelry made of a precious metal rather than a lighter weight contemporary material such as titanium. Because it’s so dense, tungsten can also crack under extreme circumstances.

The next time you’re in the market for men’s bracelets, it’s definitely worthwhile to consider whether tungsten carbide is the right jewelry material for you. With all the benefits of this durable contemporary metal, it’s easy to see why tungsten bracelets have become some of the most popular choices in modern men’s jewelry.


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