Body Slimming Tips

7 Body Slimming Tips

While we should certainly not base our self-worth on our appearance, when we do not like how we look, it can impact us negatively. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel attractive; when we look good, we feel good. In a culture obsessed with body image, you may be particularly sensitive about this issue and the good news is, there are lots of ways to dress that will give you a more svelte appearance and in turn, give your confidence a boost.

Body Slimming Tips

1. Think Vertical

Dressing in a manner that emphasizes vertical lines is a great body-slimming trick. Think vertical stripes, buttons and zippers going down the front of a dress. Long tunics and sweaters can give the same effect. Avoid tucking in shirts; if you must, throw on a long scarf to keep the lines flowing.

2. Color Tricks

What coloring clothing you wear, what colors you pair together and where on your body you wear them all make a difference when it comes to giving your body a more slimming appearance. Dark colors like black, navy blue, dark purple and brown give a slimming illusion while light colors can make you look heavier and draw more attention to your problem areas. If you like brighter colors, avoid wearing them on parts of your body you want to draw attention away from. If you are on the shorter side and do not want to give a squat, stocky appearance, avoid wearing light tops and dark pants together. To appear taller and slimmer, a monochromatic color from top to bottom is a good choice.

3. Choose Tailored Clothes

If you are trying to look skinnier, clothing with lots of ruffles and frills is not the ticket. You may think that having a lot going on will hide your problem areas but it will just make them worse. Tailored, fitted clothing is actually the better choice but you obviously want to avoid items that cling to your body.

4. Shoes and Accessories

The right shoes and accessories can be your friend when it comes to creating a slimmer look. Choose bigger handbags—smaller ones will just make you look bigger. Opt for wide belts over thin ones. Long necklaces that fall somewhere between the bottom of your bra and your belly button can make you appear longer and leaner. If you are on the shorter side, shoes with pointy toes can help elongate you and make you appear taller and thinner. Bold jewelry, like big earrings, can also help.

5. Coats and Sweaters

When it comes to bulkier items like coats and sweaters, picking the right ones will help your efforts at looking slimmer.  Wide-collared coats will move the focus from your hip area. The best coat cut for achieving a slimmer look is a gentle A-line.  If you love chunky, cable-knit sweaters, avoid ones that have a boxy cut—for a slimming look, they should be a bit more fitted and have a silhouette. Generally, heavier fabrics should have some sort of structure to them or they will make you look heavier than you are.

6. Layering
Layering clothing can also help you look smaller. Wearing tank tops under long sleeve shirts or sweaters can create a longer silhouette. To achieve this look, however, the tank needs to be longer and reach to the top of your hips, not stop at your stomach.

7. Wrap-Style Dresses and Shirts

Wrap-style dresses and shirts are very flattering when it comes to achieving a slimmer look. The way they wrap in tighter at the waste helps achieve an hourglass figure that will not only make you look slimmer, it will make you look sexier and more feminine.


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