Black & White Dressing

Black & White Dressing – A Classic Culture or Retreating Relic?

Black & White Dressing


Black and white have to be the most popular colors when it comes to clothing styles of all time. Even today the monochromatic combination has its place in fashion and society. But, is the stature that monochrome dressing used to enjoy slowly declining? Is the cult charm of black and white dresses fading away with the rising popularity of colors in wardrobes across the world? Have the blacks and the whites become restricted to occasional formal events and losing ground there also? Let us try and answer these questions in this article and get an in depth understanding of monochrome dressing as a concept of fashion.

The Basic Formula

Pairing up black and white for your dressing needs is a no nonsense formula that will do the trick for you under most circumstances. It has been a favorite combination among fashion conscious individuals since the very beginning. Monochrome dresses for women have made a bold statement at parties, functions and in everyday casual wear alike. No matter your body type, regardless of the time of day or the occasion a monochromatic combination always seems to work.

What works behind this magical pair is the plain simple contrast. This contrast makes a stylish statement without compromising on subtlety, a sacrifice often made with vibrant clothing. If you don’t want to look ostentatiously loud and yet mark your presence some cool clothes should be bought in the monochrome dressing scheme and donned with confidence. It is safe to say that black and white dressing has miles to go. Even with all the vibrant competition blooming around it monochrome dressing is holding its ground and is here to stay.

The Choice of Designers

Fashion trends are dominated by leading designer’s all over the globe. Their grasp over the industry is such that they seem to command what styles will sell in stores every season. Not everybody may be able to afford expensive designer apparel but the mass manufacturing style takes inspiration from none other than designer collections time and again. And, monochrome dressing has been the choice of designer’s ever since one can remember and continues to hold its place till date. All leading designers have showcased their works including some black and white combinations every season. Be it spring/summer or fall/winter, designer collections always find space for this classic pair.

As a result the streets and halls are often seen with beautiful women and handsome men looking dapper in their blacks paired with whites. Especially in women’s dresses black and white is a supremely chic option which is bound to make you look stunning at any event.

The Magic Lies Within

Though it is a simple combination the statement made is quite bold and can be made to look very attractive. Don’t be fooled by the monotony of the combination as it belies underneath a wise range of shades, textures, patterns and cuts. A shimmering short black dress will earn you appreciation from an entirely different audience compared to a charcoal black trouser teamed with an off white formal shirt/blouse.

While the classic monochrome dressing style stays true to black and white, one may often add a little sparkle of color with an accessory or two. Just make sure it goes well with the overall look and try to keep the hues as subtle as possible to make the most of such a fusion.

Whatever be your age, body type, preferences at least one monochrome set must find its way to your wardrobe if not among many. It is a timeless statement of style and you must go with it.     


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