Jewelry for a Black Tie Event

Jewelry for a Black Tie Event

It is not everyday that you receive an invitation to a black-tie event. This is a great opportunity for any girl to dress and feel her most elegant. Of course, to experience a night that is magical and makes you feel like a princess at a ball, there needs to be adequate preparation on your part. The very first step is grooming. Think Audrey Hepburn. You can either do everything by yourself or simply make an appointment to visit your favorite spa for a day of leisure and pampering. And don’t forget have your manicure and pedicure done; French mani-pedi combination is the classiest and ensures to be in tune with almost any formal attire you choose to wear.

Jewelry for a Black Tie Event

Deciding what to wear can be difficult for such an event. If you haven’t attended too many of these, it may be best to stick to a black floor length gown. While this may be the safest bet, if you want to avoid black pick a rich elegant color. Right now jewel tones are very in. A good way to select the perfect dress may be to hang the options on hooks or lay them out on your bed. Fabric and quality of the dress is an important factor in creating an elegant look. Materials like satin which are shiny and flow well work best. Also, ensure that the dresses you have picked out are not damaged or stained. Nothing is worse than a beautiful dress with a stain or threads coming out somewhere, especially if the one wearing it doesn’t even know. You may also want to avoid dresses with plunging necklines or too many embellishments. Choose one that has clean cuts, is simple but compliments your figure and skin tone.

Since you can’t wear a dress for such an event without matching accessories, delete the dresses that you don’t have accessories for. The essentials you need are a gorgeous purse or clutch, and sandals or pumps. Try the options on. It may be wise to try on the complete looks shoes and all to pick the best dress. Beware of choosing everything in one color. While this may work for some outfits, in many cases the color becomes too empowering. Instead match your shoes and clutch.

Once you have decided on what dress to wear, it is time to put the final touches. One of the main facets that create a look is hairstyle. You may want to try out a few options in these too beforehand to decide what suits your face structure well and looks good with the dress you are going to wear. French buns may be a good choice or you could simply give your hair a little volume and blow them out. You can also check out a few videos and images of hairstyles online to get some ideas.

Fashion and jewelry have always gone hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other; meaning even if you have the most spectacular dress on, without the proper jewelry you might not be a 100%. The one place to turn to in order to make the right impression is the diamonds industry. A black-tie event calls for your best diamond jewelry. So, open your trinket box and remove your best pieces. Do not even think of wearing tacky costume jewelry or fake diamonds. If you don’t have anything ideal, decide what one jewelry piece you will need to complete the look and go get it. It can be something like a signature pair of chandelier earrings for a dress that has a high neck, or a big beautiful pendant for a gown with a deep boat neck.


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