Retro Style

Why the Retro Style Will Forever Remain in Fashion

Defining Retro Style
Retro Style
Retro means something different to each person and trying to decide why retro remains popular can be difficult. A style that is defined as retro is usually a culturally outdated style that has become the ‘norm’ once more. Anything that is retro usually has a vintage of at least twenty years.

Small and Big Screen Retro

Flick on to almost any TV channel nowadays and there will be a rerun of a comedy great that will still have the household rolling with laughter, although it may be the sixth time this particular episode has been shown. Maybe it’s because it offers a type of comedy that is no longer politically correct or is now considered outdated, but for retro TV fans, these are often the best type of viewing, offering hours of pure entertainment. Even retro game shows are in the limelight, with the likes of Blockbusters and Bulls eye reruns gaining new audiences.

The big screen continues to offer postmodern films that contain references to cinematic history, as well as offering films based on great retro characters. Just take a look at the latest X-Men, Dark Knight, Captain America and Green Lantern films, all based on retro comic characters. There are also upcoming films such as Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What is it that makes these films so popular, apart from their amazing special effects?

The truth is that for many cinema lovers, these films offer a step back into the exciting adventures of childhood. Some also suggest that these retro characters are an outlet for all the worries and angst of everyday life and by enjoying these films it allows viewers to escape into a completely different world while watching the traditional victory of good over evil. Also consider that while sitting in the cinema watching a retro superhero, many of the audience will be munching away at retro sweets from the pick and mix counter.

Retro Super Mario Bros

Vintage computer games are not safe from retro lovers either. Today it is possible to use current consoles to play, or emulate old games and even old favorites such as the Super Mario Bros are available in today’s gaming charts.

Retro Fashion

Usually retro fashion is anything that dates between the sixties and eighties. The 1980s is still influencing today’s fashion. Walk down almost any street and ankle socks with lace and ‘short’ shorts can be spotted. Retro sportswear logos are on much of today’s sportswear, with market leaders having their own design and production specialists that focus on developing retro lines.

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Even in home fashions, retro furnishings are back with a vengeance. Bold print wallpapers, lime greens and oranges are seen in many homes today as well as furniture based on northern-European designs that became popular in the sixties. Even poster art is retro, with WWII captions and slogans decorating today’s living rooms.

Nowadays there are more retro films, fashion, home furnishings, games and art than ever before. This article discusses some of these retro favorites and considers why they are so popular.


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