Outfit Ideas for Summer

7 Hot Outfit Ideas for Summer 2018

The sizzling summer is here and all you pretty-girls must be getting ready to sizzle this summer. Your wardrobe needs to be restored with the perfect summer-goodies that can declare you the ‘style-diva’ for the season. To uphold the season’s trend, you must be well-versed with the latest trends and need to keep an eye on ‘what’s-cool-and-what’s-not’!

Here are 7 stylish outfit ideas to create a summer-ready wardrobe

1. Tank Tops

These tops are essentially everything for your wardrobe in 2018. Wear it with a bullet bra underneath for added sophistication. These flowy and airy tops are no doubt summer-perfect and come in a wide range of breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. airing them with an elite pair of trousers or a palazzo shall be a great idea this summer.

2. Customized T-shirt

Wear your ‘attitude’ by opting for customized T-shirts this summer. Pair them with your favorite shorts and a fancy shade and you shall be summer-ready. To give a sporty look, slip into a pair of sneakers that will set you going through the day with comfort. Don’t restrict yourself to pastels as vibrant shades of neon and ultra-violet are here to fascinate summer 2018.

3. Maxi Dress Vs Shift Dress

Get yourself work-ready with a maxi dress that can be used for multiple occasions from going work to a casual hangout or maybe a house party. Truly a feast to eyes, these dresses are meant to give ultimate comfort. After all, summers are all about being trendy without compromising on the comfort. A linen shift dress is also perfect for the scorching summer. Sneakers or white slip-ons are a perfect way to compliment these dresses in style.

4. Culottes

Are you obsessed with prints and floral? Culottes are the best way to keep pace with your obsession. A cold-shoulder top is more than perfect to pair with your favorite culottes. Seamless and chic, these culottes come in different varieties and you may pick one according to your body shape. Pairing the elegance of these culottes with captivating steel boned corset will not only help you to inflict a great body shape but also declare you as the trendsetter for summer 2018. Stay classy with them this season!

5. Striped Print – Pants or Maxi Skirts?

Bold and luxurious, the maxi skirt is the new fashion mantra for summer 2018. Don’t forget to pair it with a layer of a kaftan or cotton shrugs to give you an ultra-protection from the harsh rays of the sun while making a stylish statement. If a skirt is not your idea, pants are the best alternative. A vertically striped pant overshadowing a tunic top can be your perfect summer outfit.

6. Sporty Spice

Switch your regular T-shirt with a longer length t-shirt style dress and your T-shirt dress is all set to rock the summer. Whether stripped or plain, this dress is all set to win the hearts of fashionistas. It will make a comfortable outfit while fetching you lots of compliments. Pair them with fancy flats or sneakers, the ball is truly in your court!

7. Jumpsuits

Sleeveless or off-shoulder, no dearth of options to go with when it comes to picking up a trendy jumpsuit. Be it polka-dots or paper-bag waist, these aesthetic jumpsuits are all set to spin the minds with their adorable looks. Easy to wear, it can be simply paired with sneakers and can be worn from day to night. This one-piece sensation is worth to invest for summer 2018. The ultimate aphorism for summer 2018 would be ‘dressing with less fuss’. These casual outfits will set-you-go these summers with great comfort. The best part is that you can play around smartly with your existing wardrobe with some quirky ideas. If you go with a customized T-shirt, your existing pair of shorts will rock the show or culottes can go perfectly with the countless tops in your wardrobe. Nail your summer 2018 with these easy outfit ideas and stay ahead of the fashion game!


Jessica Smith is a working mom and a passionate writer. She believes in having a personal style and has been involved with custom t-shirt designing at Stuart Sign Store for some time now. She enjoys writing about the latest fashion and lifestyle trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help them confidently embrace a fashion-forward lifestyle.