Wearing Pearls Necklace
Wearing Pearls Necklace

7 Reasons Why Girls Love Wearing Pearls Necklace

Unlike other precious stones and jewelry, pearls come from the sea in the perfect shape. They don’t need to be cut or polished for perfection as other stones and gems do. Rather they are sourced ready-to-use. The use of pearls in jewelry started hundreds of years ago by the royal ladies. They sport pearls to distinguish them from the rest in the royal parties and balls. This is why pearls have always been seen as prized jewels. The Roman and Byzantine empires were amongst the first to see pearls as prized jewels. The Middle Eastern cultures loved pearls so much that by 100 B.C., pearls were said to be worth their weight in gold.

There is a multitude of reasons why people choose to wear pearls as their preferred jewelry. Coco Chanel once famously said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” It paints the whole picture in the best possible way and tells how much women love to wear and keep pearls. Let’s take some of the factors that have made pearls one of the best possessions of womenfolk.

Pearls are the most elegant of the jewels

Nikki Hilton dresses up jeans with a string of pearls
Nikki Hilton dresses up jeans with a string of pearls

Whatever a woman chooses to wear, she can easily incorporate a string pearls to look larger than life. While every piece of jewelry has its own uniqueness to it, pearls can make outfits look classy. Be it a pair of jeans that needs to look more professional, or making a dress look classier, pearls are the perfect go-to jewels for any outfit of a woman’s choice!

There has probably been a time in your life where you felt your outfit was incomplete, and we bet there is no way pearls could not have managed to make the outfit tasteful!

Celebrities, socialites, and the average person all should have pearls for occasions of any kind. This way you are never short of options when it comes to choosing your style code for a particular event or party.

Any Occasion Could Use Pearls

Every day wearers of pearls know that they not only complete outfits, but fit any occasion. There is a pearl necklace that can be worn for any event. A pearl necklace can fit into an outfit for a wedding, whether as an attendee, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself! It can be worn in meetings for work, or on dates. In fact, a pearl necklace can be worn even on instances such as birth announcements and graduation celebrations. There truly is no occasion that pearls will not work with! As Jackie Kennedy once said, “pearls are always appropriate!”

There is Something Unique About Women who Wear Pearls

The Queen of England Wearing Pearls
The Queen of England Wearing Pearls

“What is more important with pearls, is the woman who is wearing them.” The author of this quote may be anonymous but the millions of women around the globe who abide by this saying agree. Pearl jewelry reflects the wearer. Women who wear pearls are often seen as glamorous and powerful individuals. There is something very feminine about a pearl necklace that other jewels have not been able to replicate. Famous personalities such as Oprah, Angelina Jolie, and the Queen of England herself have been famously seen flaunting beautiful pearl necklaces.

Pearls are Seen as Traditional Jewelry

If you recall movies in which a woman is seen coming of age, she is usually presented with a string of pearls to celebrate her womanhood. Pearls are usually looked upon as a traditional way of speaking to someone through jewelry. While diamonds may say “I love you”, pearls represent something much more symbolic. There is more than lustful love attached to them which is why they are an important form of expressing oneself.

Pearls are especially seen on women in special events such as special birthdays, wedding celebrations, or formal occasions. They represent womanhood and class and therefore, are worn by women of all occasions as traditional jewelry.

Uniqueness of Pearls Knows No Bounds

Pearls are sourced from deep underwater, are made in oysters, and come to those who must go out of their way to go within the depths of the ocean and drag them out. Each oyster that is opened may or may not have a pearl inside it, which means they are incredibly rare. What this also means is that pearls are incredibly unique. Each pearl has a different shape, a unique form, and a special meaning attached to it. They were made individually and come together to form a piece of jewelry that can’t be replicated. While there are different types of pearls, the ones that come from within oysters in the deep sea are definitely some of the most unique jewels that can be found on the planet earth!

Pearls also show their uniqueness through the fact that they are sourced from nature. Naturally sourced, not hazardous to the environment, and still beautiful naturally. The pearl truly is the most unique of the gemstones!

Pearls Make a Woman Feel Classy

Pearls have been worn by royals across the world for many centuries. You must have seen Queen Victoria of England wearing a string of pearls in almost all occasions. The wearer of pearls not only look like royal but can feel very classy as well. There is something special that a pearl necklace can do for a girl or a woman. We already spoke about how they can dress up outfits and can be worn on any occasion. But if we dive in further, we can realize the reason that they have more added value than they are given credit for.

Pearls are seen as classy jewelry and represent the coming of age and the welcoming of womanhood.

Think Michelle Obama and Margaret Thatcher – they wore pearls which looked on them as a prime example of respectability. It was like a badge of honor and respect! Pearl necklaces, many would say, ooze sophistication!

They can be Worn in Many Different Styles

A pearl necklace may be worn as a string or a choker. It can be as long or as short as one pleases. Pearls, unlike many other jewelry and stones, come in different colors. This allows wearers of the jewelry to still wear classy pearl necklaces even if they choose not to wear white. While the most popular ones are white pearls, they come in many different colors. Pearls can be black, white, pink, golden, and even lavender.

This means young girls and older women of all ages are able to pick and choose the pearls that come in line with their personal color palette.

Pearls also come in a variety of different shapes, depending on where they are sourced from in the world. The way pearls are worn can differ even with the same necklace. If it is a long one, it can be tied in a knot, or work with different bits of jewelry. Different colors of pearls can also be worn together to create a completely new style!

Pearl necklaces are the ultimate present for a woman of any age! Whether they are bought for oneself, or bought to gift to someone else, they deliver the best message! Pearls spurn their magic and give the wearer a feeling of uniqueness, special, and exclusive. After all, women deserve the best that the nature can produce.


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