7 Spontaneous Themed Weddings You Will Never Forget

7 Spontaneous Themed Weddings You Will Never Forget

Spontaneity is the new way to marry. The traditional wedding is becoming more and more rare. Spontaneous weddings are the new trend and for quite a few reasons, such as how stress-free this type of wedding can be. These weddings are simple, easy and fun where traditional weddings may be perceived as a bit flat.

7 Spontaneous Themed Weddings You Will Never ForgetAn impromptu wedding is low-key and intimate. They can be both exciting and unforgettable. These weddings often have a theme, such as a wedding based on a vital moment in the relationship of the couple being married. It could also be based on a place they always wanted to visit or something as simple as the couple’s mutual dream.

The Surprise Wedding Theme

The surprise wedding is the most common type of spontaneous wedding. These ceremonies are usually very small and extremely intimate. The only people invited are normally the couple’s closest family members and friends. The guests are invited to either the couple’s home or a small venue that hosts parties. The invitations can include a dress code and express the importance of the strict guest list. Once the guests arrive, they are surprised that it is a wedding that they are attending. With these weddings, the surprise itself is usually the theme. The decor screams surprise with a small mixture of traditional wedding decorations. The surprise wedding is generally fun for both the couple and the guests.

The First Date Wedding Theme

The first date wedding theme is a fairly new theme. These weddings are held in the place the couple being married had their first date. This place is commonly a restaurant, but it can be other places like theme parks, movie theaters or an arcade. Guest is invited to these venues and the ceremony takes place there. The wedding is usually followed by the guest enjoying the venue with them and having dinner, going on rides or playing some video games.

Rustic Themed Wedding

Planning a wedding in a rustic setting such as in a reclaimed barn can provide a wonderful ambience, unique photo opportunities and a chance to have elegance at a reasonable price. Consider setting a dress code that revolves around country-style clothing, and coordinate the food to reflect the theme as well.

The Las Vegas Themed Wedding

Las Vegas is the number one location for spontaneous weddings. These weddings are usually not planned at all and there is not much time to include many guests. Las Vegas weddings can be the lowest-stress option, as the parties aren’t too caught up in elaborate plans. The popularity of this type of wedding leads to Vegas being a trendy place for spontaneous weddings. There are many options for types of Las Vegas weddings, as well. Although many will recognize the typical chapel or Elvis wedding in Vegas, you can also find venues that offer underwater weddings, rooftop weddings, and even weddings with an international flair, such as on the Vegas Eiffel Tower.

Alternate Themes

Other unforgettable spontaneous wedding themes include themes like the destination theme, the mini-traditional wedding and the just married theme. Destination theme weddings may include decor of a place the couple hopes to visit or has visited. The mini-traditional wedding is setup much like a traditional wedding, but purposely makes things miniature like the cake. The just married themed event isn’t a ceremony, it more like a reception that celebrates a very private wedding and reveals to the family and guests that the couple is now married.

A spontaneous wedding is an unforgettable ceremony to be a part of. Low stress and hassle-free, these weddings can create lasting memories.


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