What’s in Your Closet?

With the Fall Shopping Season whirling its way into view, it’s imperative not to lose track of time when it comes to your fashion needs. This year, there is quite the variety of sophisticated trends out there just waiting for you to grab them up before anyone else does. From trendy tops, to boisterous boots. With some of these fashion statements, you’ll be in a league of your own.


BeaniesEveryone loves a beanie that can literally go with everything. Most often worn during the chilly winter days from dawn til dusk when they are a must, a chilly night on the town, or a modest stroll on the beach in fall or springtime. Even a cool night of summer will often require its use, so why not pick one up the next time you’re out and about?


ShoesLooking for something that is a hop, skip and a jump into your field of view? Ready to lace-up for fall? Well, you actually don’t have to, since what is most popular right now are clogs and boots. After all, who doesn’t want a comfortable and supportive high-heeled friend? Or their evenly supportive, comparable, low-heeled cousin? These are more of the slip-on type, rather than something you tie or zip-up- although there are quite a few of those out there too.


WalletsTo me, a perfect gift is a classy leather wallet. They come in a million shapes, sizes and colors. Chic ones can be had at almost any price. It’s also an easy gift for use at a later date, save for men. When it comes to men, simple is better. Something black, dark or sepia-toned will do, and crafted from soft, pebbled leather to elegant artisanal leather is likely to excite. With that in mind, wallets are an obvious choice for the latest installment. From $10 to a thousand dollars, we’d like to think that we have all budgets and most personal styles covered. Have a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has everything, but still needs a Christmas gift? Look no further.


ScarvesWhy not layer it up and add an extra dose of down and down-to-earth with a seasonal, yet sensible scarf? Your finish to the perfect wardrobe, showcasing the flawless you, as it lends itself to complement everything so as to finalize your fashion statement. Can you say, “Hello?” Who wouldn’t want something so couture?


Meet Erin Patrick. Erin has a Bachelor of Applied Arts (1982) an MA in Fashion from The Universty of the Arts, London, and an MA in Fashion Merchandising (1987). For most of her adult life, she has been a fashion designer with a fashion company called AllSaints. She has two daughters, Emma,12 and Marie, 17. She enjoys spending time with her Border Terrier and Boxer, Mag and Putsy.