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What to wear on a boat…

We still have a few days of summery sunshine left this year, meaning, it is high time that yacht get take out for the final spin of the year. What if you get invited to a yachting trip/party? Even though the media have taught us that boating equals striped shirts and anchor motives in white and navy, there are plenty more options.

Girl on a boat tour by mindaugas danys1. Dresses and skirts:

Visually, there’s nothing quite like a silk dress blowing in the wind. Practically, boats are not the warmest places. Dresses and skirts are perfectly fine outfits for summer boating, where anything goes. If you keep your speed minimal, your party can pass off as chic as George Clooney’s wedding party. However, as soon as the late summer winds start blowing, it’s time to add some leggings under your frock!

2. Tops:

Regardless of the season, being a glamourous sailor is possible, with the right top. Some people consider the navy blue captain’s blazer an overdone fashion accessory, only welcome at a cruise gala, but that is nonsense. Navy blends in ever so beautifully with the waves, and a well-structured jacket over a light, bright blouse is dandy and chic at the same time. The only tops one should stay away from are heavy wool sweaters, a material that, unfortunately, gets waterlogged much too easily. Boo on that, cable-knit sweaters are too gorgeous!

3. Jackets:

Cruise Ship Boat Fishing for Yachts by epsos.deThis one may look a little too neon for sailors above 30, but the youth gets to take their favorite autumn accessory on even the rockiest cruises! Nylon windbreakers have recently experienced a much needed comeback, thanks to nu-rave and trendsetting artists like M.I.A. How do you know if your windbreaker is sturdy enough for the sea? Blow into your hand, keeping the jacket in between – if you feel nothing on your palm, you are one snug’n’edgy sailor to be.

4. Shoes:

It’s not by accident that common casual shoes linked to the wealthy are known as “boat shoes”. Sailing footwear has been evolving throughout the centuries until it took form of a little leather slipper with a very good grip, and marking-free. The deck of a boat is very often very slippery and unsafe, so all footwear should be with a carefully crafted, non-slip soles. Open toes usually do quite a lot of harm, so sandals are also a no-no. Good thing slippers are in this season!

5. Sunglasses:

The sun hits the hardest in deserts, ski-resorts, and the open waters. The calmer the waves, the stronger their reflective properties are, and the more you will have to squint. But why squint, when you can channel Jackie O with a pair of oversized sunnies and a scarf around your head (red lipstick optional). Keep in mind that sailboat rigging is a nasty thing to get interlocked with, so avoid very loose hairstyles, and very loose scarves. Stick to the Jackie O look if you are sailing, if you are yachting, do whatever pleases you!

Despite its posh reputation, yachting is no longer a sport of the rich trust-fund babies. It has become an available sport to people of all backgrounds and budgets, what with most marinas offering memberships and services at highly affordable rates. In fact, most boat owners will “boat-pool” with their friends in order to cut the maintenance costs and ensuring their vessel makes up for its price in value.


Kate Flannery is a travel blogger from Perth and a sailboat owner. She brought you this post after consulting with Australia’s boating network, FixMyBoat.