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Exploring Other Gold Sources: From Real Gold to Couch Cushions

When it comes to safe investment, nothing is better than cold hard gold. Traditionally, gold has been invested heavily into by those concerned with financial security over time, when currencies and other assets seem to wane in value.

Gold is failsafe, and historically it has kept its value through generations, which is why it’s a staple for anyone trying to secure a financial future in a not so secure economy.

Gold minesGold comes from deposits all over the world, but the top five gold mines hail from Indonesia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

Due to gold’s’ history and how it is obtained, while it is an incredibly safe investment, it’s also an incredibly long-term one, too.

But what if I need to make money in the short-term?

While gold is great for long-term savings, in today’s economy, many are turning from all over pawn shops Melbourne to Toronto, to cash in on other riches which lay in wait, tucked away in couch cushions and jewellery boxes.

Money can be made by saving on purchases you’re set to make, or on goods you leave with the pawn shop.

Here Are the Top “Gold Mine” Items People Buy and Sell at Pawn Shops

1. Gold and Jewellery

An obvious choice for anyone looking to make some quick money, gold and jewellery are the most popular items in any pawn shop.

For sellers, its quick, high value relief to whatever financial woe that ails them, and a great opportunity to acquire beautiful gold or jewellery for a casual gold buyer.

2. Electronics

Pawn shops are an excellent way to trade up any electronic gadget for either buyer, or seller. Selling electronics at pawn shops can add a little financial leverage to a purchasing decision, or provide greater value to a buyer looking to upgrade their current device.

3. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments of every musical genre and make typically find a home on a pawn shop shelf for some time in their long lives, as going broke and being an artist seem to go hand in hand —so it’s not strange at all to imagine that a pawn shop is a great place to start looking for a new used musical instrument.

Although since all of the demand is on either gold, jewellery, or electronics everyone can use or appreciate, the pay-out for instruments may be a little less than ideal. For buyers, it’s a huge advantage.

4. Power Tools

Instead of going to Home Depot for your home improvement needs, you have it on my authority that pawn shops are a mecca for power tools and other home improvement needs.

Power tools are always in fashion, so to speak, so they’re always going to be an easy sell to a pawn shop, too.

5. Toys, Sports, and Hunting Equipment

Keeping your child active and healthy means buying sporting goods with every growth spurt, sometimes even twice in a year.

Parents eager to recoup some of these expenses find riches in slightly used sporting equipment, and parents on the lookout will almost always benefit when picking up used sporting goods at a pawn shop.

Collector’s Edition toys are also high up on the list, as often they don’t take up much space, and their value lay in nostalgia, less so in building materials as in gold or jewellery.

If you’ve never seen how adults go ape for collector’s edition toys (and memories) from their childhood, perhaps you should drive past the line-up for the next Star Wars film.


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