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7 Tips to Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

Girls are too particular about the color, feel, fit and fabric of the clothes they wear. This choosy nature becomes more prominent when it comes to lingerie. This makes it a tough task for the lover boys to choose the perfect lingerie for their girl. Buying lingerie as a gift or a token of gratitude is a great option to surprise your girl. However, this idea may not work that well if you end up buying something that she doesn’t like.

Here is a guide for the guys on how to buy lingerie for your girlfriend:

1. Get an idea on her favorite color(s)

Don’t just assume pink is the all-time favorite color for all girls. There are too many options when it comes to buying Lingerie with pretty colors. She might like to get a few pieces of Never Say Never Cutie Lace Thongs in pretty colors like Barbados, blush, tropical water, cobalt etc.

2. Know what size she wears

It’s all a number of games. Remembering each other’s contact number, size of shoes and clothes are always used to measure how well you know each other. Buying lingerie with a wrong size may ruin your surprise. It is better to ask for help if you are unsure which size to pick.

3. Trying out a new trend is never a bad idea

Girls love trying out new things and wearing trendy lingerie. Never hesitate to pick something like a pair of sexy Bisou Fishnet Bikini and Fishnet Bralette.

4. Comfort comes first while choosing the fabric

Lingerie is something that keeps sticking to the body and hence it is important that you always choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear. Never Say Never Plungie Longline Bralette is a good option that comes with soft wire-free cups.

5. Nothing is as important as a great fit when it comes to lingerie

The first thing that makes a lingerie stand out is a good fit and feel. Trenta High Waisted Lace Thongs are a great option to go for when it comes to a good fit. This thong wraps the body very smoothly and complements any body type.

6. A good brand to ensure durability

Always go for reputed lingerie brands so that you don’t need to worry about quality and durability of the products you choose to buy. It is a prudent decision to buy lingerie from the brands your girl likes so that there is better possibility that she will like your gift and wear it often.

7. Take help from a friend or sister

Friends or sisters are a great help when it comes to planning surprises for your girlfriend. You can approach a close female friend, your sister or someone who you think can make this task easier for you.

These were the few basic and simple tips that will help you master the art of lingerie shopping and surprise your girl with some awesome pieces of undies.


Susan Harris is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.