Up and Coming Fashion Trends 2019

7 Up and Coming Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion trends are ubiquitous, they are everywhere, and most people love following the trends that are up and coming. Generally, fashion trends like leopard print used for styling by brands like Gucci bags and valentino shoes remain in trend and still constant no matter the occasion. However new fashion trends are surely stalling up in 2019, and you won’t want to be left out of the up and coming fashion trends.

Here are the key looks to have on your radar in 2019 up and coming fashion trend

1. Ruched Dress

Ruched Dress

Ruched dress will surely be a hot topic next season given the mighty figure-enhancing potential from a carefully-positioned ruching. A Ruched dress will add curves to slimmer frames, and those with curvier silhouettes will appreciate its ability to stretch in the right places. This will be the top of many wish lists next season, so ensure you invest in a ruched dress next season.

2. Leotards


Just like Balenciaga, where a neon leotard-cum-swimsuit was teamed with velvet trousers for an evening look, leotards has been long linked with ballet dancers making a stretch maillot and skirt pairing predictable.

3. Ruffles


You may be forgiven for being bored with languid, smooth shapes cascade of frills subverted childlike association this season due to the lack of dramatic flourishes and fantastical feathers. However, the ruffles perchance that dominated last summer will endure in 2019 but with dramatic flourishes and fantastical feathers.

4. Shorts


Prada’s Duchesse satin board shorts available in muted jewel tones are about to provide an alternative to the not so popular numerous stretch styles that were worn with jackets at Chanel and solo. Rejina Pyo’s slouchy green style is sure to prove more popular when the weather heats up in a few weeks time.

5. Tie-dye

Tie dye

Tie-dye has had a modern update that is an upgrade to the preserve of art teachers and ageing hippies. This trend which emerged as a fashion influencer favorite in summer 2018 is now being used to reflect a liberated woman by creating kaleidoscope versions sometimes layering tie-dye over florals. The Stella McCartney’s version now came in blue and white boiler suits, combat trousers and T-shirts

6. New Tailoring

New Tailoring

The industry is now moving away from more fluid midi styles of recent seasons to a sharper silhouette. That means tailored trousers are now styled with shirts and belts for a pulled together look that still feels softer than a suit. Industry names like Balenciaga now adopt the trouser-shirt line of thinking to make cloth look polished, confidence boosting and elegant.

7. Utility


Combat trousers, Denim boiler suits, utilitarian jackets and oversized anoraks have replaced catwalks like Fendi, Isabel Marant, Balmain, Helmes to mention a few. This trend will surely create a lot of noise in 2019 because it is a fashion and function go together which make it a good trend go-to.

We are all lover of trends especially when it is about fashion. 2019 is sure to come with its trend that will enhance some ego. Don’t miss it.


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