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9 Most Purchased Fragrances from Francesca dell’oro Perfumes

“Francesca dell’Oro is an Italian perfume brand and it was founded by Francesca Dell’Oro in 2011. Francesca Oro Perfumes stand out among the various fragrances and attracted by most Women and men. Let’s see what are the FDO Perfumes most purchased by online customers and how their fragrances are made.

1. OneMore Fragrance

OneMore Fragrance minThose who like, for example, a seductive scent enriched with notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and heliotrope could choose the OneMore fragrance. This aroma starts from a fresh and lively tone given by cardamom, Asian grapefruit, and Sicilian lemon, then it warms up with the aroma of coffee and then decreases in intensity thanks to the woody and spicy notes.

2. Bihaku Fragrance

Bihaku Fragrance minThose who are looking for a fragrance composed of a set of exotic aromas can try Bihaku. Black pepper and thyme invigorate the senses, the Artemisia flower brings back the positivity while the chamomile relaxes body and mind to slip into the sensuality of jasmine, tobacco, amber barks, and cedar wood.

3. Irupe Fragrance

Irupe Fragrance minMint leaves accompanied by the sacred laurel are instead at the base of Irupé, the perfume of the Black Series. The heart of this fragrance is concentrated on tuberose and gardenia and is supported by the melon and Victoria Cruziana, the water lily which is the name of this perfume.

4. Rosementhe Fragrance

Rosementhe Fragrance minMint, laurel, and cedar make up the Rosementhe fragrance. The journey continues on the marine notes of the cold north from where, miraculously, emerge the fragrances of the roses that lead us to the peony and freesia. This sensory journey ends with moss, juniper berries, cedar, and sandalwood.

5. Ice Yasmil Fragrance

Ice Yasmil Fragrance minLaurel that contains fresh scents such as bergamot and jasmine that explode in its two varieties: the Sambac and the Grand Duke of Tuscany that give sensuality and freshness. It is Ice Yasmill that also adds the aroma of the carnation to complete its fragrance.

6. White Plumage Fragrance

White Plumage Fragrance minWhite Plumage opens the olfactory symphony, a timid tone of incense mixed with the strongest juniper. White flowers intervene with their caressing aroma to reassure with their comforting embrace and a scent of coffee that tastes of everyday life. At the heart of this contrast, we find aloe vera, juicy and delicate.

7. Voile Confit Fragrance

Voile Confit FragranceBehind the fragrance of Voile Confit instead, lies the carefree of a candied fruit from which the perfume is inspired.

8. Rubia Sucrée Fragrance

Rubia Sucree FragranceRubia Sucrèe is a hot scent like the Andalusian heat and wrapped in almond and fig leaf. The notes intensify with jasmine and almost come to sting with the ginger made sparkling by the mandarin. These olfactory sensations are enclosed by tonka bean, vanilla, and sandalwood.

9. Lullaby Fragrance

Lullaby Fragrance minLast but not least we have Lullaby which is the scent for women who keep intact the girl who is in them with solar notes made of fruits and exotic flowers with a cloud of talcum powder that dusts everything.

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