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9 Women’s Fashion Trends of Spring 2020

With every changing year, the fashion trends change too. This is because every year brings with it a new thrill and well, who wouldn’t want to dress differently according to the year? Each fashion trend becomes a symbol of the specific year. Just like that, 2020 has brought with it, its own fashion trends. Although new fashion trends do not mean that the older, famous ones won’t be seen, however, the recent one will be seen much more often because they’d be considered unordinary and right up-to-date in accordance with the year that an individual is in.

Women’s Fashion Trends of Spring

Talking specifically about 2020 and how of an unexpected start it had, let’s dive into this year’s fashion and clothing variations. If you want to know what this year is about and the kind of colors/dresses this year is categorized by, then refer to the article below.

1. Pleats

Pleats Fashion Trend 2020

Pleats provide you with grace and that flow no matter what kind of dress they are put in. Whether into a shirt or a long dress, pleats just make everything get that classy touch to it. Pairing up your super trendy jeans with a shirt having pleats will make all the heads turn. Pleats add the royal grace to those long fancy dresses that you would be wanting to wear to a party.

So, therefore, you can pair pleats up with whatever you want to be it for a formal event or an informal one. And well, Solace London, Topshop and etc. have made sure that they show that pleats are the hot trend for the year by customizing their new outfit designs with pleats in the best way possible.

2. Mega Bags

Mega Bags

For so many years now, the small bags and clutches had been the trend. A small bag would be the choice of people who thought it was convenient to carry it anywhere.

Well, things have taken a flip and the mega bags are now in fashion. And we cannot deny the fact that these bags DO look really gorgeous with different outfits. If you see a bag online that you want to be yours, but don’t know about its specifications and the place from where you can buy it. Then you can try finding using a similar image search tool, where you can easily find similar your favorite bag styles. You can also get the information about its color and style through an image finder tool.

Since 2020 is not only about trends but it is a year of comfort and experimenting with them. Therefore 2020 brought with it the basic trend of mega bags which can accommodate so much of your important and necessary stuff. So you can follow the fashion spree and get the maximum benefit from it by making it carry all your essential things.

3. Polka Dots

Women Polka Dots fashion 2020-min
Well, this still does make your inner kid happy because being kids, we’ve all had that phase where polka dots had been obsessed over and now it seems like this super classy print will be in the market and trend books for really long.
Polka dots provide you with 2 opportunities. You can pair your accessories up according to the base color or the dot’s color. Be it in the form of your pants or your tops or even the long dresses, polka dots surely make everything get that chic touch to it.

Ever since the beginning of 2020, polka dots have been seen a lot on the catwalks. And it is also a perfect choice for people who do want to wear something printed but don’t want to go to extra with the print and want to look all composed.

4. The Trench Coats and Roomy Blazers

Trench Coat fashion 2020
Well, it sure seems like 2020 is all about those long flowy, oversized clothes, and the trench coats or roomy blazers are an example of that. The most interesting thing about the world of fashion is that it can re-introduce the old designs and old trends but in a much classier way and that is what a trench coat is all about.
A stylish trench can completely transform any of your ordinary outfits in a way that you will be surprised. Trench coats are considered to be a trend that will remain in your closet for quite a good couple of years.

Brands such as Shopbop, Burberry, net-a-porter, etc. are all coming up with the coolest trench coats and adding hints of trendy colors and prints into the coats to make them look more than perfect.

Coming towards the roomy blazers, it is said that an oversized blazer can go with any outfit because the emphasis will be on it and not on what is worn underneath. So we can clearly understand 2020’s motto which is going big or go home. And all the fashion trends literally are a depiction of that.

5. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits fashion 2020-min
This probably isn’t the only year when jumpsuits have been considered as a trend. Jumpsuits have circulated the fashion world on and off.
Do you know that jumpsuits are considered as a very genius choice can you tell why? This is because of their versatility. Whether you want to go for a vacation, plan on an outing with your girls or go for a night out, the jumpsuit can always serve you the purpose. Another reason why jumpsuits are considered to be one convenient choice is that you have to put absolutely no effort into designing your jumpsuits outfit. Obviously, you do not have to go looking for the perfect pants to match your shirt or vice versa because the jumpsuit has it all. Shopbop, boohoo has come up with some of the prettiest jumpsuits for you. And there are so many variations that you can get in your jumpsuit. A front belted, printed, polka-dotted, or just pairing your jumpsuit up with a jacket to layer it and be appropriate for winter – you can do it all just with your jumpsuit.

6. Boss Trousers

Boss Trousers fashion 2020
Last but not by any means the least, are boss trousers. Boss trousers are not only really comfortable but are the hottest trend in 2020. Boss trousers or trousers pants have been liked for many years. They pair up with all the trendy tucked in shirts.

The best thing about these trousers is the kind of grace they provide an individual with. The professional look is everything. Pair them up with some tucked in shirt and a coat which is optional and show everyone how it is done. Boss trousers make you look composed in every way and will definitely keep you in with the trend for 2020.

Some Other Fashion Trends of 2020

We mentioned the hottest trends in 2020 in the fashion world. However, these aren’t the only trends that have been revolving around. There are so many others which we’ve seen on the catwalk and ramp. So let’s talk about some more.

7. Feathers

Feathers fashion 2020-min

Feathers are a trend that never goes out of fashion. Even when you think that this year there will be no feathers, some of the famous designers make sure that they incorporate a feathery outfit into their list. And we cannot blame them for feathers surely do look classy. This year, Valentino, Burberry, Parball Gurung, and all the famous fashion houses have made sure that they make feathers the trend of 2020.
A touch of feathers, be it in a short shirt with jeans, at the bottom of a tank-top, or a long dress, make everything seem good.

8. Knitted Dresses

Knitted Dresses fashion 2020

Knitted dresses are the most elegant things you can get yourself. The amount of effort put into the knitting process just makes these dresses look stunning. Your stripped knitted dresses will be the perfect fit for the year.

9. Crochet

Crochet fashion 2020

Nothing screams vacation louder than a perfect crochet dress. Crochets aren’t only for summers. But go with every season. Don’t think twice when it comes to wearing crochet because they surely spice everything up in the right way.


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