Cup of Coffee in Daily Lifestyle

A Cup of Coffee in Daily Lifestyle & Shopping Your Own Coffee Machine

Controlling our finances and staying on budget is a must in adulthood because of bills and potential investments. However, it can be quite challenging if once we risk our vice – our source of sanity and happiness – because after all, these are things that help us destress and get through the week. It can be something petty like sweets, cigarettes, or coffee or something expensive like clothes, shoes, and bags. Either way, this puts a dent in our savings and slows down our financial progress.

A Cup of Coffee in Daily Lifestyle

Coffee drinkers, for one, find it more difficult to restrain from buying at cafés because their ability to function depends on it. Hence, sacrificing a cup altogether is close to impossible. If you’re that type, then buying your own coffee machine would be best so you can already have a cup before you leave the house and avoid the coffee bean aroma of coffee shops to help you spend less.

For a wide selection of coffee machines, you may visit online retailers like Domayne Australia and save big bikkies yearly! The Breville Coffee Machine, for one, is a caffeine junkie’s ideal best friend and has very good value for money.

An average cup o’ Joe is priced at about $5 and if you drink it for 365 days, you will be spending $9,125 a year. This is already twice or thrice the amount you will pay for a coffee machine. When you purchase your own, you can save $8,000 or more a year. Most people do not know this and instead keep on buying coffee from outdoor shops at a premium, but they end up being a few pennies short when they need it most. That being said, aren’t coffee machines just one of the most magnificent creations in the 21st century?

Coffee price trends haven’t helped much either – in contrast, it’s actually getting worse. Recent studies have shown a surge in coffee prices from 2014 until today, reaching an increase of nearly $3.10 each year. Most coffee shops attribute this to drought that they experience in coffee plantations, but does your wallet really need to suffer for you to experience good quality caffeine?

For instance, if you decide to purchase a Breville Nespresso Essenza Solo Coffee Machine of your own will instantly save you the big bucks. It lets you quickly brew coffee with its two size options, 25 mL and 40 mL, for Espresso and Lungo. What’s better is that the machine is very flexible – it has water hardness programming and power saving capabilities to help you save electricity! This is all, of course, while you enjoy your cup of coffee while remaining on your practical side.

Clearly, data shows that purchasing coffee machines is the more efficient option if you are currently in a situation where you’re currently saving up money for other investments, if you have any debts to pay off, or if you simply just want your wallet to look and feel thicker. There is a financial shopping lesson to be learned here, one of which is about owning your financial choices and being resilient enough to look for alternatives.


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