Fashion Accessories of Saul Goodman

A Guide to the Fashion Accessories of Saul Goodman

Anyone who watches the hit show, “Better Call Saul” or are fans of the prequel, “Breaking Bad,” recognizes the colorful style of lawyer Saul Goodman. Is he a criminal defense or a personal injury lawyer? He’s both.  But there are subtle other accents to Saul’s outfits that really make the entire ensemble stand out amongst the other characters on the show. It’s easy enough to find a brightly colored shirt and pair it with a sharp, dark-colored suit, but it’s the accessories that will really make your outfit authentically Saul.


Saul’s ties are arguably the most interesting part of his outfit. This is because they are usually garishly patterned and wildly colored. Some of them have multi-colored polka dots, others have yellow and blue waves of alternating wide and narrow stripes. The key to pulling off a tie with a wild design is to pair it with a solid-color shirt in a complementary or opposite color. There might be a design in the tie that is in the same color as the shirt, but it shouldn’t be too matchy-matchy.

Early Saul, when he was better known as James McGill, single-colored ties against single-colored shirts were common, so if you’re looking for a more subtle Saul Goodman look, try a light blue, unpatterned shirt and a lemon-yellow tie (also unpatterned). This will make a colorful statement without going overboard, which is the signature strategy of Saul Goodman when he becomes less ethical. There are even times when he wears a shirt and tie of the same color, which can look sharp as well, especially in more formal situations.

Pocket Squares

Most fashion gurus will tell you to stick with no more than two colors when wearing a suit. Usually, you will have one color for your shirt and another, complementary color for your tie. If you have a pocket square, you’ll choose either the color of your shirt or the color of your tie to match. No so, Saul Goodman. His pocket squares never match his shirt or tie. They are always a third (or fourth or fifth) color, depending on how many colors are in his tie.

This part of the look can be a little tricky to pull off because the point of Saul’s outfit is to look just a little bit outrageous. He’s still dressed appropriately for a lawyer, but something is just slightly off and it’s usually the clash of colors. Yet, somehow, on him, it works. You might not be able to get away with the same clash, but if you choose a lesser color in your tie for the color of your pocket square, you should have enough of the “Saul Goodman” look without the over-the-top color explosion that is Saul Goodman.


Of the entire Saul Goodman outfit, the jewelry is the most subtle, but it’s also the most important. This is because the details really translate into authenticity. Make sure you’re wearing cufflinks because Saul Goodman never goes anywhere without them. Surprisingly, they don’t have to be flashy. Goodman wears a basic pair of gold-colored cufflinks with nearly every outfit.

James McGill’s watch is a replica Pulsar P4, which is a very understated watch, but also a very rare one. It’s a strange combination of modern and retro, but if you can’t find one like this, any gold watch will do as long as it isn’t overstated. Again, it’s surprising that Goodman’s jewelry isn’t as outlandish as the rest of his outfit, but if you’re looking to mimic his style, this makes it easy since you’re likely to have similar items already in your jewelry box.

If you’re really shooting for authenticity, add a small pinky ring on your left pinky finger. The pinky ring that Goodman wears is yellow gold with a square black onyx stone. It is surrounded by small diamonds, which may or may not be real (at least when he was James), but again, if you can’t find one exactly like what Goodman wears, you can come close and still pull off the look down to your little finger.


Saul Goodman has become an unlikely fashion icon that can easily be emulated. But don’t just pay attention to the clothes. The accessories are important too and these details will really make your outfit authentically Saul.


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