Buying a Gold Chain

A Simple Guide to Jewelry: 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gold Chain

Most jewelry fans say that one of the smartest investments is buying gold. Gold creates luxury, elegance, and class that exudes financial stability. Therefore, gold is money.

Gold is in demand anywhere in the world and is always in fashion. Buying gold jewelry can benefit a lot of people and even future generations. So, it is wise that you check them out and equip yourself with the knowledge of different golf standards.

Gold chains come in various purity and length, and it can be quite challenging to find the best one. So, make sure that you get the most of your money and consider different factors before buying it. Below are the things to consider when buying a gold chain.

1. The Karat Type

The Karat TypeWhen you opt to buy a gold chain, be sure to ask about the karat weight. Ask if it is 10kt, 14k, or 18kt. While some gold chains are made from real gold, others contain more alloy in them.

Let’s say that you found a gold chain made of 14kt. In terms of weight, a 14kt gold chain composes of 14 parts gold and ten parts alloy. This kind of gold is usually considered acceptable because of the composition that makes the chain durable without compromising its glow.

2. Chain Thickness

Chain Thickness ChartThe gold chain’s thickness is also considered for practical reasons aside from its aesthetic purposes. While some chains are thick and crafted to hold the weight of a pendant, other gold chains are designed to be thin for a minimalist look.

If your purpose of buying a gold chain is to hold a pendant, make sure that the chain is thick and can hold the weight reasonably. Thin gold chains are best for holding lightweight charms, but they may also have a high tendency of getting twisted and tangled.

If you want to maintain a pleasing and aesthetic look while wearing a durable gold chain, select a gold chain with 1.2mm to 3mm thickness.

3. Chain Style

Choosing the type of gold chain style depends on the purpose. For daily wear, you can look great with rope chains, box chains, and wheat chains, as they are also popular in the jewelry market.

However, you can glam up with the delicate flat chains for special occasions. Snake chains also look pleasing to the eyes, but it can be hard to repair when it tangles, so make sure to handle it delicately.

4. Length of the Chain

Choosing the right length of gold matters. Fortunately, there are various options for the length of gold chains, so you can easily find one that matches your style.

Gold Chain Length ChartYou can choose a 14-inch gold chain to wear lightly around the neck or an 18-inch piece that can reach your collarbone. Remember, your choice of chain length should depend on your wardrobe choices as well as your physique.

5. Purity

Gold Purity ChartWhen choosing a gold chain, you also have to consider the material of the chain. The purity of the gold can be offered in varieties, such as 9ct (37.5% gold), 14ct (58.33% gold), 18ct 975% gold) 22ct (91.66% gold), and 24cc (99.99% gold). The higher the number of carats, the purer the gold there is.

6. Hallmarks

Gold HallmarksTo authenticate gold sold in the jewelry market, all items above 1g in weight must be hallmarked. A hallmark is a system that originated in the UK that guarantees the origin and fineness of the precious metal.

Hallmark ensures that the jewelry has been accurately tested or assayed. An Assay Office Mark shows the place where it was tested and hallmarked.

7. Clasp

gold jewelry lobster claspOne important thing to consider when buying a chain is the clasp that comes with the chain. The most famous one is the lobster clasp, as they are comfortable to release, durable, and less likely to snag on clothing. Other popular clasp types are hook clasps and ring clasps.

8. Pendant or Charm

Gold Pendant or Charm 1Should you choose to put some pendant or charm on your gold chain, make sure that it is durable enough to bear the additional weight. The gold chain should not be too thick or large so that the pendant does not look underwhelming. Wheat chains or box chains are recommended since they are both flexible and sturdy.

9. Chain Texture

Your chain is going to be exposed to your skin a lot. So, it is essential to check how the chain feels against your body.

gold chainDoes it feel rough or scratchy? Is it uncomfortable? Will it get caught in the threads when you run the chain against a sweater?

You wouldn’t want to wear uncomfortable jewelry during an important event or feel itchy when wearing it. Moreover, If the chain tangles when you run it across fabrics, you’ll definitely struggle as you get in and out of your clothes.

10. Jewelry Store

Consider buying from trusted and reputable gold chain shops. It can be quite risky to buy from a store that may sell impure or stolen gold, which can put you in trouble.

By buying from legitimate shops, you’ll have a purchase guarantee that comes with your gold chain. Moreover, if you opt to buy online, make sure you go for a reputed gold chain store.


A gold chain is one of the must-haves in a jewelry collection. It is versatile jewelry and can give considerable value in the long run. You can wear it as it is or pair it with charms pendants to create a variety of impressions and styles. When it comes to gold chains, everything is possible.


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