know about the Cocktail Attire

All you need to know about the Cocktail Attire

One of the most popular examples of cocktail attire is a cocktail dress. If you have been wondering about what a cocktail dress is, they are usually knee-length dresses or gowns that you not only wear to a cocktail party but to formal events, wedding parties, and other occasions. Choosing a cocktail dress that is suitable for your event can be tricky and confusing. There are various stores that specialize in a cocktail dress online. You can even buy a perfect cocktail dress.

Here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing your perfect cocktail dress.

1. What length dress should you wear

There is nothing that a knee-length short black dress cannot fix. Having a black dress in your wardrobe is a must. Make sure your dress is not too short or trailing on the ground long. Keep in mind that a formal party is not your casual get together with friends, so do not wear anything transparent or with a dangerously low neckline. If you are attending a formal event and feel like showing off your beautiful legs, you can opt for a longer dress or a knee-length dress. You have to keep in mind your host. If they are old fashioned, then dress accordingly. If you are still confused about what would be appropriate to wear at the event, do not feel shy to ask your host about it because there might be a dress code or an event that is dress specific.

2. Don’t have a dress?

If you do not want to wear a one-piece dress, there is no need to worry. You can always go for a short, A-line skirt and pair it up with a matching coat or blouse. Remember, never to wear jeans. It gives the impression that you are dressed extremely casual. Get a pair of formal trousers and pair it up with a chiffon or silk blouse. Remember, whatever you choose to wear does not help you look good until you wear it with confidence. Just keep in mind that whatever it is that you are wearing looks fabulous on you. It is essential to wear appropriate undergarments. No one wants to see your bra straps when you are wearing a strapless dress. Try your outfit before the event so that you can make any alterations. Make sure that you are comfortable with your outfit. No one likes to see a person struggling with their dress while talking to them.

3. What will suit your body type?

Some people might think that cocktail dresses are not for them due to their body structure. But this is not true. All you have to do is get a dress that is appropriate for your body type. With a pear-shaped figure, you might want to show off your shoulders and collar bones. Therefore a strapless or sleeveless dress will work for you. If you go for skirts, choose a full straight A-line or mermaid skirt which proportions your hips. Having an hourglass figure can be perfect for those who want to wear a fitted one-piece dress that hugs their curves and looks fabulous. Whatever your body type is, always avoid wearing very loose and ill-fitted dresses. If you are thin, you should go for dresses with empire waists to show your curves or choose dresses with asymmetric details.

4. Choose the perfect pair of shoes!

Are you wondering which shoes will best compliment your dress? Heels are the answer. Do not go for flats unless you have no other choice. Go for stilettos or platforms. A pair of basic black or nude heels gives an elegant look. On the other hand, if your dress is quite simple, you can go for bold colored heels or heels with embellishments.

5. Accessories and clutches

You do not have to overdo yourself. A single piece of necklace is enough. No need to wear a couple of them as it may look unappealing. If you are wearing a V neckline, go for a long necklace. If you choose a round neck, then a necklace with a small pendant will look elegant. Wear something that matches your outfit and is attractive. If you are the kind of person who cannot leave their house without a big handbag full of all the items that you might come in handy, then you have to change it. With a cocktail dress, the most you can carry is a small clutch. Still, if you need a bigger space to keep your things, leave your handbag in your car and take only the essentials with you in your clutch.

6. The perfect way to do your hair and makeup

Don’t overstress about overdoing or underdoing your makeup. If you want to do smokey eyes, then remember to pick a lighter tone, nudes, or pink for your lipstick. In case you want to go for red lipstick, then keep your eyes on the lighter side. If your party is during the evening or night, then the blush and highlighter are highly preferred. But if its a day event, then keep a soft makeup look. Tying your hair in a simple ponytail might be too casual for your dress. Go to a hairdresser or collect your hair in a neat bun yourself. A loose knot with fancy hairpins or a messy bun could be some excellent options with a cocktail dress.

 Final Word

Every occasion calls for appropriate attire. A formal event requires you to take some extra thought regarding the basic dressing etiquette. When in doubt, hush away your shyness and ask the host. No one can be a better guide than them. Slay with your style and elegance and rock the cocktail event.


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