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Best Holiday Party Outfits for Men

Outfits for MenThe holidays are here and that means holiday parties are as well! If you’re a guy who wants to look your very best, or a woman who wants to help her man be the most handsome guy at the next holiday get-together, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when deciding which outfits are best for the party circuit. The first step is to determine whether the party is formal or casual, since your outfit will be quite different depending on what kind of event you’ll be attending.


Whether it’s a benefit for charity or a fancy dinner party at the boss’s house, you’ll always look great when you dress a little more conservatively than you might otherwise. Keep these staples in your closet, and you’ll have all the basics for a great formal outfit:

  • Black wool suit pants: Although any dark color would probably work, stick with black. It just makes life simpler. Be sure the trousers fit comfortably and are long enough.
  • A tailored shirt in a plain color: The key word here is “plain.” Don’t opt for a brightly colored or patterned material. You’re much better off (and your outfit will be more formal) if you stick with white, off-white, light blue or gray. For an additional bit of drama, find a shirt with French cuffs (in other words, without buttons on the cuffs), and wear a nice pair of cuff links.
  • Button-front wool vest: A vest is a great way to formalize an outfit. You can even choose to wear a vest without a jacket or suit coat. A good quality wool vest is timeless, stylish and adds a certain amount of panache to your party attire. Again, black is the best option here, but gray would also work.
  • Lace-up oxford shoes: This standard style of dress shoe is also a timeless classic. Choose black to match the outfit.
  • Must-have accessories: There’s nothing quite like tasteful men’s jewelry to dress up your formal attire. Look for unique bracelets for men, such as one made of tungsten with rose gold edges. Choose men’s jewelry that’s tasteful and not too showy for a formal party.
  • Jacket and Tie: If you’ve put together the rest of your outfit based on this list, consider a jacket and tie as optional, unless you’ve been specifically asked to wear them in an invitation or by word-of-mouth. If you do decide to wear a jacket and tie, the jacket should match the suit pants and the tie should coordinate with the vest, jacket and shirt.


If your event is an office party or a casual holiday get-together with friends, you have the option of “dressing down” just a bit. While you certainly have more wardrobe options at a casual party, choosing traditional pieces always makes a winning outfit combination:

  • Wool or cotton trousers: Stay with darker colors if you can. Not only are they more slimming, but you also won’t see spilled holiday drinks and appetizers as much on dark-colored clothing.
  • Lightweight poplin shirt: This material is always a comfortable choice. Go with a lighter color to contrast with the dark trousers.
  • Solid V-neck sweater: Choose a darker color that complements the lighter shirt and dark trousers. If you choose gray slacks and a white shirt, for example, a navy sweater would be a nice addition.
  • Leather loafers:  Comfortable and casual – but not too informal – loafers are a great footwear choice for holiday parties. Black or brown are always safe color choices, and they both go with just about any color of trousers.
  • Must-have accessories: Men’s jewelry is so much in vogue right now. The nice thing about casual get-togethers is that you can wear jewelry that’s just a little more obvious than pieces you might pick for a formal party. There are plenty of unique bracelets for men available from reputable online jewelry retailers, so find one that really expresses your own individual style and personality.

Women aren’t the only ones concerned about looking their best at holiday parties. It’s just as important for men to feel the same way! Fortunately, choosing the perfect men’s holiday outfit isn’t that complicated when you remember to stick with timeless, traditional wardrobe choices. Once you have your outfit put together, remember to accessorize with unique bracelets for men or other jewelry choices, and you’ll be well on your way to being the best-dressed man at your next holiday gathering!


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