How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring for Your Love?

Cut, Clarity and Color are the major aspects for buying a wedding diamond ring for your sweet love.  However a ring does not only include the diamond. There are other terms you need to be familiar with.

Engagement Rings

First one is the Band. This is the circular part of the ring that sits around the finger. It can either be made from gold or silver or platinum and sometimes even from combination of metals. Gold bands are the most common wedding band metal and can be found either in yellow color (natural state) and even in white (alloyed with other metals). Silver is the least expensive and platinum on the other hand is the most expensive metal that is used to make bands. Since a gold setting will make a diamond ring look slightly yellowish, it is better to go for white gold; the one that is alloyed with other metal.

Next one is the setting that refers to the piece of the ring that holds the gemstone in place and is attached to the band. The setting needs to be strong and safer enough so that you can wear it during your work. Most of the time platinum is used as the setting since platinum is known for its strength and toughness. However the platinum setting rings can be expensive so you need to make sure that the ring you are looking forward to buy has a setting with a bezel or at least six prongs for some redundancy.

The last one is the gemstone, which is the feature piece of the ring. Diamonds are normally used as the gemstone. I have already point out and discussed the terms that identifies the quality of the diamond earlier so make sure you read it properly. The more the carat, the better the ring looks. However it is better to go with your couple’s personality and preferences rather than assuming this.

Diamonds are pretty expensive and if you cannot afford diamonds as the gemstone then there are some alternatives as well.  A cubic zirconia can be one option; they are beautiful and indistinguishable from a real diamond. Another alternative can be the lab diamonds. They are almost as beautiful as the real diamonds and are known for their durability as well.

Try to be different and think style. The wedding ring is meant to wear everywhere and for a long time. Therefore it needs to be stylish and match with every style, casual or formal. It does not mean that only expensive rings are the best, the ring you choose should reflect the style sensibilities and tastes. Some may prefer gold over platinum so it is important to know what actually your couple likes.

It is equally important to look for a good jeweler. They need to be able to piece together everything that suits the tastes of you and your couple. Since the plating on the ring may wear off or the ring may look dull after some time, the jeweler must re-plate or re-polish the ring from time to time free of cost. They should also offer some type of warranty or guarantee with your purchase. Some jeweler also offers insurance service that covers the loss of the ring.

If you are planning to buy the ring online then you need to be extra careful. There are several scams over the internet. Make sure that the online jeweler has an excellent reputation. Try not to pay for the ring earlier and always check the delivered product before paying. Online jewelry auctions can be the good option for online purchasing of wedding rings.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a diamond wedding ring then the expensive ones are not the only one to go for. You should try every type of diamond rings available and try to select the one that meets your expectation. Remember wedding rings are meant to be worn every time so a wedding ring needs to look good in every dress as well as needs to be durable and strong enough so that your couple can wear it even when she/he is working. If you follow the tips and guidelines mentioned above then you are sure to choose the prefect wedding ring. So best of luck!


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