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How To Choose The Right Jewellery To Dazzle!

Gone are the days when jewellery was more of an investment than a fashion accessory! Today, each piece in your bijou box plays its part in speaking out the sartorial stories of style and helping you shine on!

Choose Right:

When it comes to choosing trendy fashion jewellery to wear, look at four main aspects:

  • The occasion,
  • Your personality,
  • The mood you are in;
  • The outfit you are wearing.

A well-designer piece of jewellery is an interesting addition to any outfit. Ideally, the ornament must enhance a plain, simple look and match your outfit for a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Festive occasions usually call for more traditional styles of Indian fashion jewellery. If you want to go for costume jewellery, experiment and play around with different pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix-n-match to achieve the look you desire!

Everyday wear jewellery, worn to work or otherwise, should be simple. This includes small office wear earrings, small rings with delicate stones, and a sleek two-toned watch to match with. If you prefer to wear a chain, cut down the number of rings you wear. Stay away from heavily studded jewellery during the day. White metal jewellery is ideal for wearing during the day!

In the evening, you can go wild with your jewellery. This is your ‘flash’ jewellery which is usually radically different from that for the day! Dull gold pieces are in vogue at the moment— they go well with a wide variety of ensembles and with almost all colors. Try combining dull gold with white metal to create a white-yellow gold effect, which is very classy and works well with Western outfits.

Face The Selection:

face-shapesThe right piece of jewellery for your face shape can make all the difference to how you look! Follow this basic guide for earring jewellery designs:

1. Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faceWear almost any designer earrings, but make sure they are in proportion to your body size and facial features!

2. Long Face

Long Face

3. Oval Face

Oval faceChoose button earrings since they lend width to a long, thin face!

4. Triangle Face

Triangle Face5. Square Face

Square faceAny earrings that do not emphasize the jaw line like studs or elongated and hoop earrings will do!

6. Round Face

Round faceWear elongated or drop earrings to create the illusion of an oval face!

Choose Jewellery Pieces For Your Body Shape and Size!

1. Petite Frame

Petite frameChoose smaller pieces, chokers and delicate chains. Wear brooches on the shoulder or at the collar! Stick to small earrings à large ones will only further diminish a small person.

2. Tall Frame

Tall frameBe bold à pick larger earrings and chains of any length.

3. Large Frame

Large frameWear brooches at the shoulders or lapels. Choose chunky pieces, bold styles and long chains. Tiny earrings on a large person will only make her look larger!

Today, fashion jewellery online shopping has become a rage among fashion conscious girls! But before you get carried away, remember that what is ‘in’ may not necessarily match the occasion, your mood and personality or your outfit. It is your style and aplomb that will make the ultimate statement.


This article has been guest blogged by www.youshine.in, who focus in designing and presenting cutting edge fashion jewellery & accessories in India.