Perfect Wedding Ring

Choosing your Perfect Wedding Ring

Perfect Wedding RingChoosing a wedding band can be the furthest thing from your mind when getting ready for the biggest day of your life – the dress, venue and flowers all have to be perfect and are so important when planning your wedding.

However, the one enduring item that will outlive all of the day’s excitement and be with you for the duration of your marriage is your wedding band. It’s important to pick the perfect one, classic enough to be cherished for a life time, yet individual enough to represent your own particular style.

Symbolising the bond and unity of the newlywed couple, the wedding ring is a statement of commitment to a future together, and potentially the most significant piece of jewellery that you will both wear.

It’s important to carefully consider the cut, metal and any stones you may choose to adorn that all-important wedding band.

Embellishment: a do or don’t?

Many choose a fairly simple wedding band, in the hope it will stay classic and won’t date too quickly. If modest isn’t your style however and you like a little sparkle in your jewellery, diamonds are a great choice, as are other hard-wearing stones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and topaz. When designed tastefully rings like these can make a real impact.


If you want to keep the rings free of embellishment yet individual in their own right your choice of shape could be the answer.

This may be a factor you have never before considered, but the main options include; a round-edged style, which is the most traditional, high-domed, for a more noticeable, pronounced curve, or a flat wedding ring, with square edges for a modern look.

Complementing your engagement ring….

Another important consideration for the wife-to-be is how the chosen wedding band will fit with her engagement ring. If the shape of the engagement ring’s stone means a straight band won’t fit comfortably next to it, a shaped wedding ring could be just the answer.

Metal Choices

Choosing your metal can be another confusing decision for the bride and groom to be. Most brides will opt for the same metal as their engagement ring, but it’s good to know the benefits and draw-backs of each one.

Yellow gold is the traditional and classic choice, with a history dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. It’s strong and hard-wearing, perfect for standing the test of time. The lower carats are more hard-wearing, but less precious and duller in colour.

White gold is currently the most fashionable choice, but also requires more maintenance than yellow gold to keep it looking at its shiny, bright best.

Platinum wedding rings are a slightly more pricey option, yet only have 5% other metals added to them, making them far more pure than even 18ct gold.

Platinum is more durable than traditional gold and rarer. It is a tough, dense metal, twice the weight of 18ct gold. It doesn’t have to be rhodium plated with wear as white gold does, instead always retaining its naturally beautiful silvery colour.

Finally, make sure you love it!

With so many styles and options available it’s important you and your partner pick the one that’s right for you – whatever anyone else may say, you will be the ones wearing your chosen ring for the rest of your happy lives together. Good luck!


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