Trilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What to Consider When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Trilliant Cut Diamond Engagement RingsOnce you decide to take the plunge and pop the question, it’s best to be armed with the ring of her dreams. Hopefully, buying an engagement ring will be something you only need to do once in your life, but most men find buying an engagement ring to be a stressful ordeal. Never fear, warrior of the love battlefield, we’re here to help you pick out the perfect ring!

Plan Ahead

It can take some time for the jeweler to put in the order for your ring, get the stone set and get the ring back. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get the ring in your hand; you don’t want to walk in the day before you are going to propose expecting to walk out of the store with ring in hand. Instead, pick out the ring two to four weeks before you need it.

Get a Second Opinion

Take someone with you to bounce ideas off of. The purchase of an engagement ring is an important decision and it will be helpful to get a second opinion, but don’t necessarily trust the opinions of the guy behind the counter at the jewelry store; it is, after all, in their best interest to see you get the more expensive rings.

Instead, take a pal with you. If at all possible, and you feel they won’t let the surprise slip, get your bride-to-be’s best friend to accompany you and give his or her insights into what might be the best ring. Barring that, take a close friend of yours. However, if popping the question is not a surprise to your honey, consider taking her along to the jewelry store so that you can get opinions straight from the source.


Ask for a diamond-grading report from the American Gem Society or the GIA. This report should give you a good idea of the quality of the diamond’s “four Cs;” color, clarity, cut and carat. Additional information on the report should include details about the gem’s shape and size.

Get Insured!

Make sure to get insurance on that ring! Just like any other big investment, you want to make sure to protect it should the unthinkable happen.

Look for a Quality Jeweler

When it comes to selecting a jeweler, ask around and get recommendations. Especially for such a personal purchase, many people prefer small establishments over the larger chain stores.

Know Your Limits:

Be reasonable about the budget you set for your ring. While it would be great to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a ring, if you can only afford a few hundred you are asking for a lot of pain in the future.

The general guideline is to buy a ring that is around two months’ salary in cost. Remember, however, that not only is this a guideline rather than a hard and fast rule, but it’s also a guideline set by the diamond industry.

Decide on a budget that is reasonable for you to afford and stick to it. Don’t let the clerk at the jewelry store talk you into buying more than you can afford. Your prospective future wife should be understanding on this point; after all, it’s your love that’s important!


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