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Choosing the Right Body Jewellery

Any woman who knows about  fashion will tell you that you don’t wear a jewellery just for the sake of wearing something, in fact jewellery are almost as important as the clothes you’re wearing. As they play a very important role in giving personality to your outfit. In this article you’ll find out how to add some life to your outfits so that they can give you that unique and sophisticated style and makes you look glamorous.

Choose your Outfit Before Choosing your Jewellery

It’s really important to choose the clothes you’re going to wear before choosing your jewellery, because if you choose the jewellery before choosing your clothes your jewellery may not go with the clothes you want to wear. So choose your clothes and this will give you an idea on which jewellery to wear.

Or if you don’t find any jewellery that matches your outfit then you can try to match your jewellery with the shoes you’re wearing and or your bag, this works especially if you’re wearing dark clothes as you can add some colours with your bag, shoes and your jewellery.  In fact, if you’re wearing dark colours such as black and grey and you also wear dark shoes and dark jewellery or no jewellery at all, this will give you a sad look, so be more daring and try different colours.

How Important Is the Colour of your Jewellery?

Wearing colourful jewellery gives more elegance to your outfit especially in summer. In fact, in summer you should ban those grey and black colours and try more vivid colours to bring some sunshine  to your wardrobe. If you’re going out with your man you can even try to match the colour of his t shirt with your jewellery or with your clothes. It’s very common to see celebrity couples do this but you can also try it with your man for fun but also for the sake of fashion and style, and it works very well especially when you go to the beach.

Right Body Jewellery

Matching your outfit with his will make you look trendy and glamorous. However, you don’t have to exaggerate the matching game keep it simple and subtle. For instance, if he is wearing a green shirt you can wear  a white dress with green shoes and green jewellery.

What About Women who don’t Like wearing Jewellery?

In fact, you don’t have to wear jewellery every day, some outfits can suit you better if you don’t wear any jewellery, it’s the case for smart clothes, you don’t need to wear jewellery or you can just wear small earrings. However, some other clothes on the contrary need some fancy jewellery to give them more value. For instance if you’re wearing a maxi dress you’ll need to accompany it with some earrings reminiscent of the colour of your dress, especially if the dress is animal printings.

Your Sexy Piercing

In summer it’s really trendy to wear a piercing as it makes you look sexy and gives value to the body part where you’re wearing it. And you can also try to match the colour of your piercing with your clothes. For instance if you’re going to the beach and you’re wearing a pink swimming suit you can match it with your piercing especially if you have one on your belly button. Besides, you can get custom body jewellery from different jewellery shops, thus you can match them with any of your outfit. We can conclude by saying that you can be more daring with colours when it comes to jewellery, in fact don’t be stuck with silver and golden jewellery try other colours to be more glamorous and to give value to your outfits.


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