Women Prefer Men with Beards

Do Women Prefer Men with Beards?

Beards are in trend for the past few years; however, men can grow facial hair for numerous reasons. Some men grow it out of fashion as it is a new trend, so they want to look stylish, while others grow to impress women. But some grow facial hair simply because they love themselves. Whatever the reason may be, every man seems terrific in beards. Nowadays, the beard has become such a trend that every man, celebrity, and sports-person can sport one. Facial hairstyles are available for every face shape, even most if they can even go with mustaches. Men with mustaches carry a beard to complement their mustache style.

Also, we need to thank Movember and the no-shave campaign, which have gained popularity worldwide. Men grow mustaches and beards to create awareness for preventing cancer and men’s health initiatives. Looking at the massive popularity of facial hair, men prefer to grow facial hair and change their beard styles. Talking about the history of facial hair, which is quite fascinating. During Ancient Egypt, growing facial hair was in fashion among high ranked men. Both the kings and the queens grow hair on their chins. They were known to wear metal beards as a symbol of their dominance. Moving to the medieval period, where soldiers and kings had a place for their mustaches. Today, people have a beard and mustaches out of religious values. But above all, teenagers grow facial hair only to impress women but do women really like facial hair?

Studies have proved that women found men with facial hair more attractive and physically and socially more dominant. Women tend to link masculine faces with men’s physical strength, social dominance, and terrifying. Even if you wonder why women prefer men with facial hair, here are some reasons which can clear your mind-

1. Women prefer beards or mustaches

A survey conducted of around 2,500 women by a dating site concluded that over 60 percent of women find men with beards more attractive. More percentage of women prefer beards or mustaches, and only 6 percent prefer men with only mustaches. At the same time, around 43 percent of women like a man with a beard alone. However, women see their ideal man with a full-coverage face.

2. Women think that stubble is for flings and beards are commitments

Women prefer men with facial hair, but they also judge men with the type of facial hair they are carrying. A study written in the Journal of Evolutionary Behaviour, women were divided into three groups, and each group showed a picture of men with three different facial hair. The three images contain men with a clean-shaven look, with light stubble and heavy stubble look. Most of the women choose men with soft stubble to look as their ideal men. Just like the way Ryan Gosling moustache goes with its delicate stubble look.

3. Women believe that facial hair signify masculinity

However, all beards and mustaches style signifies a man’s masculinity, but women find a man with facial hair not only masculine but also more confident and generous. Many women think men with a clean-shaven look lack confidence.

4. For women’s the length of the beard also matters

womens the length of the beard also mattersA man’s beard length can say a lot about his personality. Women find men with a 10-day stubble more attractive and charming than those who carry long beard styles. It is so because sometimes men with long beards look aggressive instead of appealing. Contrary to this, men with very light stubble, 5-day facial hair also move out of women’s preference.

5. Women find bearded men as better dads

Bearded men are more likely to resemble masculinity; it’s not a stint that they are believed to be better dads. Many studies also suggest that men with beards are prone to rank as best fathers than clean-shaven men.

6. Women find a bearded man as a better spouse

When a woman considers that bearded men can become better dads, they find men with facial hair as ideal partners. Bearded men have all the potential features that make them gentlemen, better spouses, and dads. Not only this, but beards are trapped with many biological factors.


Although beards are in fashion and every man wants to grow a great one. But not all men are lucky to produce the desired one; beard growth depends on many factors, including genetic factors as a primary concern. Besides genes, your diet, exercise, hormones, and stress also contribute when you want to have facial hair. However, there are many ways to improve your beard growth rate and improve its quality. To impress a woman, you will need to grow dashing facial hair that requires sufficient time, effort, and care.


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