Street Chic Wardrobe

8 Must-Have Pieces for a Street-Chic Wardrobe

There’s always a reason why people are drawn towards certain fashion styles and aesthetics. For us, street-chic style is heavy on individualism, on using your clothes to stand-out amidst a sea of people. Certain priority is still given towards comfort and looking effortlessly put-together, though, since the streets will be your runway.

To achieve this, you must be able to incorporate trends while utilizing classic wardrobe staples as your foundation. Hence, allow us to share with you what these must-haves are below so you can add them to your next shopping list. We’re also sharing useful tips on how to be more stylish later on, so be sure to read all the way through!

A Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee FashionThe easiest and more effortless way to show your personality is by wearing a graphic tee that you can relate with. There’s a tee about almost anything and everything under the sun from classic band shirts to iconic movie lines. Just be sure to wear something that you actually know. After all, graphic tees are great conversation starters. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting caught wearing something that you don’t fully understand even if it’s just a design on a tee.

Unique Jewelry

Unique Jewelry FashionSpeaking of conversation pieces, unique jewelry pieces are a no-brainer. You don’t even need to follow a certain trend. They can be vintage heirlooms or eccentric handmade pieces?it’s all up to you. We recommend picking a type of jewelry you really enjoy wearing and make it your signature by getting one in a number of styles.

A Signature Hat

A Signature Hat FashionSince we are already talking about signature items that you can use to make your look entirely your own, here’s another piece that you can incorporate into your wardrobe: a hat. We understand that not everyone might be comfortable wearing one. It can sometimes take a lot of guts to rock a turban or a bowler hat with confidence, after all. But we love hats just the same. They can really add a pop of interest to your attire when worn right, not to mention that they can provide your face with some added sun protection.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Women FashionWant to add some edge to your look? That’s easy. Just add a leather jacket on top. What we love best about leather jackets is you can add it to almost anything. It can balance the girly factor of a summer dress, spice up a boring tee and jeans ensemble, or even give your harem pants a dressier look.

Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots Women FashionYou don’t have to wear sneakers all the time, nor should you slave on heels all day. Instead, why don’t you complete your look with a pair of ankle boots? It doesn’t matter if you opt for Chelsea or sock boots, ankle boots will always pull through giving your streetwear the right balance between edginess and style.


Sunglasses Women Fashion 2021For us, one’s street look will never complete without a pair of sunnies. They add a level of confidence and mystery, while also protecting your eyes from the sun. There are various styles to choose from. Just make sure that your choice matches your facial shape and you’ll be fine.

Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt Women Fashion 2021Going for a refined, professional, yet still urban look? Then ditch the mini for the midi. We recommend getting it in leather with an interesting color for an unexpected pop of effortless style.

Utility Jacket

Utility Jacket Women Fashion 2021Cardigans and hoodies can be predictable at times. That’s why we always gravitate towards a utility jacket for outerwear and layering. We love pairing it with a cropped top, jeans, and a pair of ankle boots for a quick go-to look.

How to Be More Stylish

As promised, here are some more tips on how to look more stylish regardless of the fashion style you’re going for:

  • Avoid wearing pieces that don’t really fit.
  • Opt for staples, such as the pieces we have shared above, over trendier items.
  • Avoid buying pieces just because they’re on sale. Chances are, you’re not going to wear them a lot anyway. Instead, invest in items that go well with the existing pieces in your wardrobe.


Building a street-chic look doesn’t have to be that hard with the foundation pieces that we have shared with you above. We encourage you to experiment as well. One of the charms of street style is showing your unique voice, after all.


Mariam Norman is an experienced content writer and a gemologist at She is passionate about helping people explore all aspects of the gemology and fashion industry.