Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Wardrobe

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Wardrobe

There’s nothing quite like a good wedding. They are a time to celebrate love, and from start, to finish the day is filled with pure joy. It’s an opportunity for you to pass on your well wishes to the happy couple, while also having an epic party. One of the trickiest things about being a wedding guest is deciding on what to wear. There are certain outfits you need to avoid, and you need to make sure you’re dressed up enough. What are some things you need to consider when planning your wedding wardrobe?

Avoid White

Avoid White

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but please do not wear white to the next wedding you attend. Or anything off white. This is the bride’s day and you don’t want to do anything that will shift the attention away from her. Anything resembling white is off cards, no matter how much you like the dress you found. You can use weddings as a chance to wear bold colors you might not normally try, complementing the dress with a statement clutch bag. If you don’t want to commit a bold black color, you can’t go wrong with a floral print at a wedding.

Don’t Do Denim

Wedding Dresses Denim

A wedding is a formal event and you need to dress accordingly. The only acceptable time you can wear denim is if it’s specifically stated by the bride and groom as part of the theme. That is it. Leave the jeans or the denim jacket at home. Don’t even think about overalls. Diamonds and denim don’t really mix. Of course, you’re allowed to wear pants still, but you should opt for an appropriate option. Think of a chiffon pantsuit or jumpsuit. Or if it’s the shade of blue you’re after, there’s plenty of dress options out there.

Suit Up

Wedding Dresses Suit Jacket

Of course, there are certain dress code protocols men have to follow as well. No sweatpants and no shorts. There’s a reason a suit is a go for weddings. It is a timeless and elegant look. A suit can make any man look immediately dressed up. Even if it’s hot, get a suit jacket. Don’t worry, you can take it off later in the day but at least for first appearance and photo’s sake, a man will need a suit jacket to complete his look. To tie or not to tie? Well, that all hangs in the dress code but it’s a safe bet to wear one.


Wedding Dresses with Shawl

Many of your wedding wardrobe tips will come with the dress code – aka what the bride and groom want you to wear for the day. Whatever the code, you need to respect their wishes. Dress codes have definitely gotten more flexible over the years so it gives you more wiggle room as a wedding guest. If you’re not sure what to do: overdressed is a safer bet than underdressing. Think of a casual option you feel comfortable in and a way to dress it up. For example, you love t-shirts? Why not opt for a comfortable cotton dress and accessorize with a blazer or shawl and a cute pair of wedges? You want to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

Whatever outfit you end up in, you should feel beautiful. Do you have any tips for what you should wear for a wedding?


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