Famous Dressing Inspirations From Style Icons

7 Famous Dressing Inspirations From Style Icons

The popular styles of numerous celebrities cannot get enough publicity. Their fans and followers cherish almost every red carpet dress and street style. From their personality to their wardrobes, everything gets exposed to the world of fashion. Celebrities are the real style icons, and how they carry themselves always stays in the limelight. The fashion industry is booming at a fast pace, and many familiar faces are surfacing on the internet. The styles are changing, and influential personalities are leading them.

The main reason for the prominent growth in the fashion industry is its versatility. What a celebrity carries effortlessly can be easily replicated by people from different classes and backgrounds. Every season, the fashion world introduces us to new styles and designs. Whether it is couture wear or street fashion, the famous designers and celebrity icons introduce us to sophisticated and extravagant dresses.

The fashion industry would undoubtedly lag without collaborating with famous style icons. If you are into fashion, you might be following supermodels and actresses to achieve their style. You can get inspired by leading artists and channel your inner fashionista.

However, not everything gets approved over the internet. Adhering to the latest fashion trends can be challenging for some. The ideas keep colliding, interfering with the timings of perfect execution. If you go through the same dilemmas, then you need to follow our guide and get inspired by the ultimate style icons.

It would help if you appreciated what you see with a changed fashion perspective. It is time to transform your casual dresses and be a little creative with some help from the experts. Here is a list of some influential women who have upped the game of classic and modern fashion. So stay tuned and draw some dressing inspirations from them.

1. Cher

Cher American singerCher is a talented American singer and actress who has inspired many people over the decade. Besides being referred to as the ‘Goddess of Pop,’ she is described as a powerful woman. Her fashion style screams sophistication and class with a rocking edge to it. The era she was admired the most was her styling period of the 1960s to 70s. Cher prefers the bohemian style of dressing, with bold colors, mini dresses, crochets, and fringe vests. All of this is beyond inspirational, especially when combined with her music and acting.

2. Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn fashionHow can we forget about Audrey Hepburn while discussing the famous style icons? This British actress has been the epitome of perfection, in terms of fashion, class, and personality. Audrey Hepburn has left us with beautiful memories of her life, and her fashion sense is still cherished the most. She was the accurate representation of pared-down elegance, and whatever she wore, she carried it majestically. Her presence was charismatic, and her choice of dresses was always stunning. She was full of grace, and her fashion choices were filled with comfortable, elegant, and casual dresses.

3. Madonna

Madonna fashionMadonna is full of fearlessness, and this is what her style depicts. The minute she arrived in New York in 1978, she started receiving love from millions of people worldwide. This American singer-songwriter, author, and actress has a bold personality. No matter what she wears, looks magnificent on her, and she certainly has the charm of carrying it well. Over time, her fashion style has evolved, along with her taste in music. She displayed a true artist by effortlessly wearing stacks of bracelets, lacy underwear, white tees, torn jeans, leather jackets, etc. Although her dressing sense is not as fearless as it was, she still manages to inspire numerous people.

4. Princess Diana

Princess Diana fashionPrincess Diana transformed from a shy country girl into a style icon, right in front of everyone. Her personality spoke for herself, and the way she dressed up left everyone in awe. No one could dress up like her, and her outfits represented her innocence. From Laura Ashley-Esque ensembles to Fair Isle sweaters and girly clothes like taffeta, she looks gorgeous in everything. With time, Princess Diana became a confident person, which was evident in her fashion sense. Her wardrobe still inspires many women around the world who want to adopt a modest fashion with a little sophistication.

5. Diana Ross

Diana Ross fashionOne cannot remain unseen by the exemplary and alluring personality of Diana Ross. No other woman was brave enough to pull off the dressing sense she had back in the 70s. Her majestic reign lasted for a long time, where the way she dressed up had a long-lasting impact on others. From trying bold colors and sequins clothes to pairing it up with fur stoles and hats, she has done it all. Her over-the-top fashion sense influenced people to get out of their comfort zones and try something different. The way she still carries herself tells a lot about her fashion persona and how one can style themselves smoothly.

6. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe fashionJust look at any of her pictures, and you will understand why she comes under the style icons category. With every step she has taken, Marilyn Monroe has displayed elegance and beauty. She died young, but she made sure people remembered her for a very long time. What she wore back then are now considered the most iconic attires of all time. Her strapless pink satin dress with sparkling jewels and opera-length gloves in ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ spoke volumes. Be it off-screen or on-screen; she succeeded in turning casual ensembles into a fashion statement. The way she pinned her curls to pairing dresses with timeless accessories and heels showed she could look sexy in anything.

7. Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn fashionKatharine Hepburn was not just a brilliant actress but also one of her era’s most admired style icons. She initiated the concept of wearing menswear as casual attire. Katharine Hepburn always displayed a bombshell look, with little to no makeup or hairdo. Her dressing style was a comfortable one, but she certainly knew how to slay with it. She preferred wearing high-waisted pants, wide-legged trousers, and button-down blouses. All of this was usually paired up with polished loafers and tailored blazers. She spoke with confidence and knew how to style an outfit according to the occasion.


You can determine your style based on your taste and sense of appeal, but fashion changes with the season, and following it is everyone’s desire. Therefore, do not hold back and get inspired by the iconic celebrities. After all, the world would seem dreary without some fashion inspiration. So keep getting inspired by the world and inspire others along the way.


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