Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist
Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

9 Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist: To Reduce Stress of Last Day

The wedding day is the most important in everyone’s life. As it has been said “The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage”, the feeling of getting married brings a lot of happiness in a person’s life.

Every groom and bride wants their wedding day to be perfect and many of us hire professionals to manage their wedding plans. And these professionals plan everything for them from the wedding venue to the wedding photography in Bristol.

Sometimes it is not possible to appoint wedding planners due to financial or any other reasons. In such a case it is still possible to plan a fabulous wedding on your own.

Any mess on the wedding day can end your dreams, so it is better to plan everything prior. The most important thing is that when planning your wedding you should take a lot of time and decide everything patiently. But this is hardly possible, most of the people get confused while planning their wedding.

So we have created an ultimate wedding planning checklist that includes step by step help for a great and memorable wedding.

The Wedding Planning Checklist

1. As Soon You Got Engaged

The very first thing you need to do when you get engaged is to discuss with your better half about your ideal wedding. Ask her/ him what kind of wedding he/she prefers, the destination wedding or traditional one at home. And then plan accordingly.

2. Wedding Budget

Then determine how much money you have to spend your wedding day and reception. This is the most important step to plan a wedding, you can’t move ahead by skipping this. While deciding the budget you can ask your family and your fiance’s family who will pay for what.

3. Guest List

Start making a guest list, as it will have an impact on determining the wedding venue. You can make a guest list on a spreadsheet that includes a column for a phone number, address, count of family members, etc. It will help you to sort the guest.

4. Wedding Date

Lockdown your wedding date after discussing with your family and friends to avoid any clashes.

5. Wedding Venue

Then start researching for a ceremony venue and reception location that fits your vision and budget too. This can be done by visiting the places you have shortlisted for your wedding or by browsing on the internet. But never forget to read people’s reviews while researching online.

6. Finding A Wedding Photographer

The next thing is to hire a professional wedding photographer in Somerset. Choosing the right photographer is a key important step, as he/she will capture your day and your wedding photographs will always remind you of the priceless moments of your life.

7. Ten Months Before the Wedding

  • Finalize and book your wedding location and reception venue.
  • Book wedding services and suppliers for any remaining things such as florist, cake, invitation card, Bakersfield party bus service, and more.
  • Book hotel rooms and halls close to the wedding venue for remote guests.
  • Book DJ and Band for the wedding party.
  • Buy wedding attire and honeymoon dresses such as shorts, one-piece, jumpsuits, denim, T-shirt, formal shirts, and more.
  • Purchase other remaining accessories like sunglasses, footwear, cosmetics, and makeup.
  • Schedule your honeymoon destination and make a flight booking. Also, make sure that your passports are up to date if you are planning to go abroad.

8. Five-Four Months Before Wedding

  • Finalize bridesmaid’s dresses and order them.
  • Select and order the invitation cards.
  • Arrange transportation including limos, trolleys, etc
  • Book make up artist and hairstylist for the wedding day.

9. One Month Before Wedding

  • Try the wedding dress and ensure the fitting.
  • Arrange gifts for guests, parents, bridesmaids & groomsmen
  • Make a “must-have shots list” and pass it on to your wedding photographer and videographer.
  • Reconfirm the final schedule with vendors.


Pre-wedding planning reduces the stress of the last minutes and gives you a chance to enjoy each moment of your wedding.

Also, planning for a wedding in advance makes it possible to arrange a luxurious wedding on a minimal budget.


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