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Easy-Peasy and Cool DIY kid’s Jewelry Ideas

Kids love to be creative and make beautiful things. Jewelry is always what a child finds lovely, and they would love to have it too. If we combine both the things which the kids love, you will find them engaged in craft works all the time. Here are some of the simple and easy ideas for the kids to make kids jewelry. Kids can add their thoughts to the jewelry and make something cuter. The DIY jewelry only requires simple supplies which you will find anywhere. One can get the trash and turn it into beautiful things which they can use as gifts as well. Now the kids have one good thing to do when it’s raining outside.

Button Bracelet

With the extra buttons lying around the house, the kids can make a colorful bracelet with those. Button bracelet is quick and easy to make as well. These bracelets are also a great gift the kids can give as the mother’s day, friends’ birthdays, or Christmas present. With the sewing and threading involved in making button bracelet the kids will also learn to hone their motor skills.

The materials needed for the bracelet are buttons, scissors, a long elastic or ribbon. If the hole of the button is small, then you will also need sewing needle. And make sure to use ribbon or elastic which will quickly pass through the button hole. You have to put the needle holding the ribbon through the hole and add the buttons. After you finish putting all the buttons tie the ends of the ribbon.

Necklace from Pumpkin Seeds

If you want to have a great jewelry in the fall season; the dried pumpkin seeds necklace is another simple and catchy autumn jewelry for the kids. The stringing of the dried pumpkin seeds is such a quick process that the kids can make one for themselves and their friends as well. It is fun to make this jewelry since it consists of such elements which will use the materials common in fall season the pumpkin seeds. It is one of the cute accessories for the kids jewelry box. Kids will have fun while coloring the seeds with creative colors with whichever color they want. You just have to paint the dried seeds and string the seeds with a needle and thread. You will surely love this autumn project for jewelry for kids.

Braided Bracelet

For the girls, the bracelet craft is always a popular thing. To make braided bracelets the kids need first to learn how to braid. Braided bracelet is an easy project for the kids who know how to weave. And the materials you will need for the braided bracelet is the crepe paper streamers, stapler, tape, scissor, ribbon ends, lobster clasps, and double rings. Firstly cut three different color streamers in 18” length and staple them at one end. And start to braid these streamers. For the triple braided bracelet, you will need to repeat the step to make more two single braid band and make a braid out of the individual braids. Measure the length that you need for your bracelet and cut the extra length band. Clamp the both ends of the bracelet with the clamshell of ribbon end. On the ribbon end looped side, you have to place the double ring. For this, the kids will need the help of an adult. And on the other end of the bracelet put the clasp.

Necklace Inspired from Elsa

Kids surely love the movie Frozen and the ice queen Elsa. Kids will love to have this one in the kids jewelry box. The adorable necklace inspired from Elsa is nothing more than exciting to make for kids and pretty as well. And the necklace is not a difficult thing to make. The blue beads of the necklace feel same as the ice crystals that Elsa could create with just a wave of her hand. This bead bracelet seems like the ice crystal bracelet. You will love the home-made necklace inspired from Frozen if you are a fan of the movie. Try making this one, and all you will need is blue and white beads and a thread for holding the beads together.

Coin Brooch and Hair Pin

With some work and materials, the kids can make a shiny coin brooch or barrette for themselves. The materials required for this project are hot glue, plaid ribbon, simple jewelry part, and coin. All the materials are readily available in any house. Now the kids can create an attractive accessory with a coin to dress up smartly their lapel with brooch and ponytail with the barrette.

To make the brooch you will require 4 inches of ribbon of both thin red and wide plaid which have the notches cut in the ends. Fold horizontally in half the wide ribbon, iron it, and then put the hot glue inside the wide ribbon. You have to use the red ribbon to wrap it around the broader one making a cross mark at front. Iron the ribbon and attach coin with hot glue at front. Attach a pin to the back of ribbon with the glue to finish the work.


For the hairpin take three half inch ribbon pieces with a notch cut at the end of each ribbon. Fold the straight end such that it will be a three-quarter inch above the notch, then iron it and put the glue at the end of the ribbon. Now crisscross the ribbons and glue them together. After that attach the coin with glue at the front and a bobby pin at the back of the ribbon.


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