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Exfoliation: The Bedrock For Skincare!

Bedrock For SkincareWe see new advancements in skincare every day because good skincare involves a lot more than applying creams. But people often forget that nuts and bolts of any skincare routine are exfoliation. Regular exfoliation under the guidance of your Esthetician is necessary. It is a generalized belief that good skin is a result of expensive body lotions and nothing else. But people are sadly mistaken because these lotions will not show any considerable effect unless your dead skin cells are removed.

You see various scrubs and fruit peels touted in T.V commercials and on cosmetic counters. So, there has to be a reason for all the parade. And that is-exfoliation is an essential beauty practice for a healthy skin. It not only rejuvenates the skin but improves the skin tone as well.

Before going through the types of exfoliants you must know what skin types actually require exfoliation.

Hyper-Pigmented Skin:

Hyper-pigmentationis an increase in Melanin, which causes skin to darken and increase dark spots on the skin. Exfoliation shed these dark dead cells and clears the skin. This prepares the new skin for good penetration of treating products used to decrease melanin production.

Dehydrated Skin:

As the name suggests, such skin lacks moisture and leave the skin dry and stretched. We tend to combat this dryness by lacing our skin with lots of moisturizing creams, which instead of helping makes skin more unwelcoming. These moisturizers slicks the old dead cells beneath and make the skin look unhealthy. Applying good moisturizing lotion after a good exfoliation regimen will beget good results. This technique will remove the dead cells and help moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Aging Skin:

As we move towards our fifty’s, our skin start losing its capability to produce new cells and natural process of sloughing off becomes difficult. Exfoliation is highly beneficial of mature skin because it helps in sloughing off the old cells and renewing the skin surface.

Oily Skin:

Oily skin produces 5 times more dead cells than any other skin type. If the skin is not exfoliated regularly then the combination of sebum and dead cells in the pores will make your skin look dirty. Moreover such skin conditions are perfect for the bacteria to flourish leading to acne and skin spots. Exfoliating your skin after cleaning it with a good bath Soapgive unparallel results for oily skin type.

There are different types of exfoliants: The two main types are Natural and Chemical.


Natural exfoliants are natural scrubs and scrubbing tools that do not involve usage of chemicals. These scrubs can be made by using natural home made products. Organic Shea butter and coconut lime scrub are best home made exfoliating agents.


Chemicals like Alpha/Beta Hydroxy, glycolic acid, retinol and certain enzymes are the major components of these exfloiants. Even the chemical scrubs are very effective and safe if used properly. Lactic acids and Salicylic also bring about good exfoliating results.


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