Sapphires Gems

Beautiful Gems That Look Gorgeous In Winter Jewellery

What’s the first gemstone that springs to mind when you think of jewellery? Diamond, right? Of course, diamonds really are beautiful and the way they sparkle makes them a very popular choice when it comes to jewellery production, but I think it’s important not to forget that there are plenty of other gemstones to choose from as well. Some of these other precious stones look particularly beautiful during winter, as their colours are perfectly suited for the time of year.

So, if you are looking to buy a loved one a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift this winter – or just want to treat yourself – then consider some of the other wintery gemstones that would make a stunning alternative to a diamond.

Here are just a few of the gemstones available out there:


Sapphires GemsIn my opinion, sapphires are the perfect winter gemstone. Set against silver and diamonds, their dazzling blue colour has a beautifully icy, wintery quality to it that perfectly seems to capture the feel of the time of year. While warmer gemstones like bright red rubies and dazzling emeralds conjure up images or sumptuous wealth, Indian princesses and intense sunshine, I think sapphires are more understated and elegant.

One of the most famous pieces of sapphire jewellery of recent times is, of course, the stunning engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William when he proposed. The ring, which previously belonged to his mother Princess Diana, features an 18-carat blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds.


PearlPearls are hard objects created within the soft tissue of living shelled mollusks. They are made up of calcium carbonate and the perfect pearl is considered to be completely round and very smooth. The most expensive pearls are found naturally in the wild, although the pearls used most commonly in jewellery production come from farms.

I think pearls are perfect for winter jewellery because of their beautiful iridescent shine. Of course, the most common way to wear pearls is in a string around the neck, while tear drop-shaped pearls are often used on necklaces and earrings. Alternatively, they make beautiful and unusual rings when teamed with gold. A pearl engagement ring could be the perfect choice for a couple who decide to tie the knot in winter and want something a little different.


AmethystAmethyst is a lovely purple gemstone and is the traditional birthstone for the month of February, which of course is a wintery month. Like sapphire, I think this is a gemstone that works really well with silver jewellery for winter and its colour ranges from a light pinkish hue to a deep purple.


OpalThere is something amazing about the pearly, creamy appearance of opals that makes them look as though they are dancing with a sea of beautiful colours. What I love about opals is the wide range of colour combinations you can get. While some are opaque, others are semi-transparent and while whites and greens are the most common colours, you can find opals containing everything from grey, red, orange and yellow to pink, blue, magenta and even black.

One of the most famous opals in the world is the Andamooka Opal, also known as the Queen’s Opal, which was given to Queen Elizabeth II on a trip to Australia in the 1950s. In my opinion, you’d struggle to find a gemstone more mystical and wintery than a beautiful opal.


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