Platinum and White Gold

Facts on Platinum and White Gold

Are you having difficulty to decide between platinum and white gold? Both of these metals are widely used in engagement and wedding rings. They are unique as each of them has their own weaknesses and strengths. Though both metals look white in color close inspection reveals that the hues of platinum and white gold aren’t really the same. Now, let’s take a quick look at the differences between platinum and white gold.

Platinum and White GoldBoth white and yellow gold are alloys combining certain quantities of pure gold and other metals. Since pure gold is very soft it is mixed with other harder metals to make it hard and durable. Copper is mixed with pure gold to create yellow gold. In the same way, white gold is created by mixing metals like palladium or silver. The amount or degree of pure gold in a gold ring or any other jewelry item is not affected by its color. Depending upon the degree of gold, both yellow and white gold are rated in karats. So, an 18 karat gold ring always contains 75% of gold whether it is yellow or white.

Rhodium is the metal that gives white shine to the white gold after it is manufactured. The white gold looks whiter when it is plated by rhodium. Though the rhodium coating is very hard and very white it can wear off after certain years of use. But it is not a great problem as you can retain the shine by taking it to the local jeweler.

Platinum is white in color in its natural state. It is much stronger than white gold and doesn’t need rhodium plating. The density of pure gold is half of platinum. Gold jewelry is lot cheaper than the platinum jewelry as gold is formed by mixing different metals with the pure gold.

So, do you want platinum or gold? If you are planning to buy a wedding ring, then it is better for you to go for platinum ring. As platinum is stronger than gold it is suitable for a ring that is worn daily. It is lot expensive than the gold but it is worth the money. Since the platinum is very dense, your ring will be heavier if the ring is thicker and bigger.

If you are on a tight budget you can go for the white gold. You can get it rhodium plated if the white color fades out. You can get a white gold ring for about $50. White gold is the best option for those who want white color jewelry and can’t afford the platinum. An 18k white gold ring can be the suitable choice for you. It is expensive but it is durable and also doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

Remember that the plating will need annual substitution. Platinum and white gold both make gorgeous jewelry, but understanding precisely how they vary will guarantee a purchase that best meets your jewelry requirements. If you want to try different settings or are not so sure about the design of your engagement ring, then we strongly recommend you to go for white gold. It will save you tons of your hard earned money. However, if you are sure about your ring design and wish to preserve it for your lifetime then platinum wedding ring will be the best choice to make.


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