Stain Beauty

How Fibromyalgia Will Stain Beauty

Beauty is definitely not skin deep. When your body is riddled with illness and if fatigue is the way of life, any number of invasive or passive beauty skin treatments will not make a woman beautiful. Fibromyalgia victims will testify to this fact. For a man or woman to be truly beautiful, their bodies and minds must be at peace, and healthy. Sound health is a pre-requisite for natural beauty.
Stain Beauty
Fibromyalgia is a disease that can be compared with arthritis. Second only to arthritis, fibromyalgia is among the most common illnesses that target the musculoskeletal system of humans, and the results are reported to be acutely painful.

The cause of fibromyalgia is not very clear. While some researchers argue that genetics plays a role in the affliction of this syndrome, other argues that the causes are non-genetic and can be pinned to factors like stress. Whatever be the cause of fibromyalgia, the reality is that millions of people across the globe are affected by this condition that makes lives mighty chores. Women are ten times more susceptible to fibromyalgia than men.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are hurting and stain the beauty of the affected. Abdominal pain, chronic headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, stiffness and numb limbs are among the symptoms. With joint pains and other body aches draining the energy and patience of the affected, fibromyalgia steals peace of mind and body that are crucial for the maintenance of beautiful skin and hair.

Sleep is a luxury for those suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome, with insomnia becoming reality. Sometimes, patients are misguided into consuming caffeine to cruise through their sleeplessness, unwittingly aggravating their sleep deprivation. Dark circles and baggy skin beneath the eyes, strained facial skin and lack-luster complexion are expected results of the same.

Dryness of mouth, eyes and nose is also a symptom of fibromyalgia, as is anxiety and depression. The ruinous effects of anxiety and depression on the skin need no introduction. With anxiety, disturbed sleep and constant pain wrecking havoc on the mind and body, beauty is but a luxury for sufferers. Fatigue is the norm for the victims of fibromyalgia, and they are too tied to carry out any kind of activity, from exercise to chores like sweeping to sex.

It is thus evident that those affected by fibromyalgia must put in double the effort in order to nurture beautiful skin. Hormonal changes, the effects of medication and the symptoms of the syndrome make it perfectly difficult for one to aspire to win a beauty pageant. However, beautiful skin is attainable with the control of fibromyalgia. Though the benefits of exercise are harder to attain, that of well balanced diets and remedies that alleviate or reduce the intensity of symptoms can help achieve outer beauty.

Fish must be incorporated into the diet of one suffering with fibromyalgia, as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids are known for fighting off inflammation, pain and soreness. Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended for curing arthritis too. these fatty acids serve two ends simultaneously – they relieve the pain that you are experiencing because of the syndrome, and they help notch up the beauty of your face by triggering the repair and maintenance of skin cells.

Regular consumption of vitamin D supplements is advised for those affected with fibromyalgia. Deficiency of vitamin D results in much the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, and studies have proven that those with vitamin D deficiency had to take double the amounts of painkillers to relieve themselves. Vitamins are also beneficial for skin cells, and the supply of additional vitamins can help skin cells perform better too.

The strong effects of fibromyalgia are on the well being of a person. When you are affected by a disease like fibromyalgia, your person is racketed by intense pain. The stress of having to deal with such acute effects is huge, and stress is not conductive to beauty. A victim of this syndrome lives with fatigue as a constant companion, and this tiredness does not allow him / her to carry out any physical activity. With the mind being focused on the effects of fibromyalgia and dealing with them, chemical reactions required to promote cell processes that would result in beautiful skin, hair or nails take a back seat.

Recently, a woman who won a beauty pageant even though she was affected by fibromyalgia proved that the condition does not necessarily translate to sickly skin. With proper diets and remedies for the symptoms of the syndrome, it is possible for you to restore yourself to health, reduce the levels of stress experienced by body and mind, and build up on your strength. When you gain a measure of stability in your physical condition, claiming beautiful skin and hair that you deserve is not far behind.


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