Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

A diamond wedding anniversary symbolizes 60 years of marriage and marks a fantastic milestone for any couple.  The milestone is so significant that in the UK, a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary will receive a personal telegram for Her Royal Majesty – Queen Elizabeth.  A sentiment which is only otherwise recognise when a UK citizen turns 100 years old.  So this anniversary is a big deal.

When searching for a diamond wedding anniversary gift, it is also worthwhile considering the needs of the recipient and ensuring that the gift you are considering buying is relevant to their personality and lifestyle.  For example, if you are shopping for a diamond wedding anniversary gift, the chances are that the loving couple will be looking to reduce the clutter in their lives and therefore you should consider gifts that either carry strong sentimental value or perhaps look for gifts that will help provide a loved one or couple with a fantastic experience.

Great sentimental diamond anniversary gift ideas include luxury items such as a diamond or crystal picture frame or clock.  If your budget allows you may wish to consider jewelry gifts such as a diamond ring or perhaps a diamond or crystal encrusted watch.

Although typically more expensive, diamond gifts make extra special anniversary gifts, especially after 60 years of union, as many people believe that the fire in a diamond symbolizes the constant flame of love.  In addition to this,  the word diamond can be traced back to the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means unconquerable and enduring, qualities which will clearly be demonstrated by any couple celebrating such a milestone.

A great way to make jewelry gifts extra special is to add an element of personalization.  This can be achieved by looking at items of jewelry or ornaments which can be engraved to include a personal message, name or date.  A personalized gift is a truly touching one as the recipient not only receives a fantastic gift but one which has tailored to and for them.  Albeit there may be other gifts of its type in existence, by way of personalization, this gift is now unique and truly sentimental and one that is sure to be cherished by the loving couple or recipient.

Another great diamond anniversary gift idea is to provide a loved one or special couple with an experience or short break.  They say life is not about the amount of breath’s you take but the moments that take your breath away and with the right gift experience, you can help provide exactly that.  Great gift experience ideas include weekend theatre breaks, a relaxing spa break or perhaps a special dinner at an exclusive restaurant.   Experience gifts help bring people together and share moments that are sure to live on long after an anniversary.

A fantastic diamond anniversary gift need not cost the earth and if you are shopping on a budget, you can still provide a special couple or loved one with a gift that will impress.  One way of achieving this is by considering what gift you could provide that, money a side, you can create.  A great anniversary gift idea for example is to create a thoughtful photo album which presents as many magical moments as possible.  These can include (if available) photographs from the wedding, days and trips out, holidays to special moments at home with family.  Try to include pictures of their children and even grandchildren if possible to provide a wider view of how special and important their union was.  A great way to add even more sentiment to this type of gift is to include any stories, quotes, dates or personal messages that help the recipient flow from picture to picture.  These stories and messages could even be collected from other family members and friends to create a truly personal gift.

Whatever gift you end up buying for a loved one or special couple, the most important aspect is to make sure that it is a thoughtful one.  A diamond wedding anniversary is a fantastic milestone and one that shouldn’t be forgotten.  So whatever your budget, try to find or even create a gift that truly does recognise the significance of the occasion.


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