Make Your Wedding Fun

5 Fun Ideas To Make Your Wedding Much More Memorable & Fun

What does it take to have a beautiful wedding? Nowadays, all couples want their big day to be memorable. But in order to make the most of such an important event in your life, one must go beyond the traditional and do things a little bit different. There are lots of activities you can implement, and the most you think outside the box the better chances you have for guests to remember your wedding. Here are some fun ideas you can implement to make sure your loved ones have a good time.

1. Personalized Music Playlist

It’s customary for couples to have bands on their weddings. Some are pretty cool, but you may have a lot to struggle before you find the find that best matches your music taste and budget. A better, more conveniently priced option is to hire a DJ. DJs at weddings are in trend nowadays. The bride and groom can choose their playlist, and then let the music play out. Select the songs you enjoy the most, although think about you guests, too. It’s very important to make them feel comfortable. Before the wedding, you can make a survey. Ask your loved ones what they would want to listen, and then prioritize.

2. Candy Bar

A wedding is the perfect time to cheat on your diet. Have a special corner for a candy bar, and choose the sweets you’ve always wanted to enjoy but couldn’t because they pack too many calories. Decide on a specific theme for your candy bar – you can place pastries, all kinds of sweets, candy sticks, and more. Make it fun and enjoyable, and invite the guests to try them all. For an extra touch of originality, you can include a chocolate fountain in the middle of your candy bar. Place fruit on the sides and your candy bar will instantly become a hit.

3. Customized aisle runner

A customized aisle runner will make your wedding seem a lot more fun and interesting. You can either write your love story on the runner, or just place time-lapse pictures to portray your love story. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it’s something unusual. Ten years from now your friends and family will still remember that time when you got married and walked down the most peculiar yet fascinating aisle runner.

4. Order personalized Converse shoes as dancing shoes

Most brides cannot wait for their wedding reception to end so that they can dance all night long. Sadly, you won’t be able to do that since the shoes on your feet will most likely “kill you”. But there’s no reason to despair. Now you can order your very own Converse shoes; you can personalize them so that they match your wedding theme. What’s great is that you’ll have a long gown; unless you plan on doing some breakdance on the dancefloor, nobody will even notice what shoes you’re wearing.

5. Oversized Décor

Think bold flower arrangements, oversized wine glasses, and interesting decorations in the same color palette with your dress and accessories. To save some cash, it might be a good idea to settle on paper flowers. Lots of companies today make DIY flower arrangements from paper; and they look so amazing that you won’t even tell they’re not natural. Instead of the traditional wedding bouquet, you can have just one massive customized paper flower in your hand. It’s fun and all your guests will notice that you’re no average bride!

6. The Theme

There are lots of wedding themes you can choose from to make your big day special. The rustic theme, for example, is one of the coolest. It’s unusual, fun, and completely out of the ordinary. Couples that love the nature, and want to incorporate those woody accents we see in countryside homes will be bewitched by the rustic wedding theme. Of course, you can always integrate modern accents to make your wedding special and truly unique.

If you want your wedding to be memorable, you have to do things differently. Just think about it: everyone else is doing things the same way. Why should you be like everyone else when you can make the most of your wedding and be remembered? After the wedding you can move on to choosing from a wide variety of English getaways, and enjoy the most of your honeymoon.


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